Terra Incognita
Download: Terra Incognita. Helena Blavatsky Read the book online ...Looked at whether the person imposing ruins of Memphis or Palmyra, whether at the foot of the great pyramid at Giza,…

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  It was – one plan "encryption" consisting of things like the architecture itself, and in located details, frescoes, mosaics, bas-reliefs. In some places – most of the information was…

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The greatest monuments
Greatest monuments. Mahjong Travel the wonders of ancient civilizations and solve puzzles of the past! Your favorite Chinese solitaire, laid out on a colorful background with an image of the…

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Coral castle

The most mysterious places on the planet Coral castle

CORAL CASTLE is a complex of huge statues and megaliths weighing 1,100 tons, built by hand, without the use of machines in California (USA).

In the complex itself consists of the two-storey square tower weighing 243 tons, various buildings, massive walls, underground pool with a spiral staircase, a stone map of Florida, roughly hewn chairs, a table in the shape of a heart, accurate sundial stone Mars and Saturn, as well as 30_тонный month, with its horn pointing exactly to the North star, and more. All located on an area of over 40 hectares.

Castle was built by Latvian immigrant Edward LIDSKALNINSH, arrived in America after an unhappy and unrequited love for a certain 16_летней-old Agnes skaffs (she rejected already betrothed to her 26_летнего Edward as a poor “old man”, and later married a successful doctor and gave birth to 3 sons). Starting a new life in a new country after moving from Texas and California, Edward Liedskalnins in 1920 settled in Florida, where the climate helped him to survive despite the progressive form of tuberculosis. “Flaco” (according to neighbours), a small (152 cm, 45 kg) and weak in appearance Edward alone 20 years of building a manual lock from moving from the coast of huge blocks of coral limestone, and cut the blocks without using even a primitive Continue reading

Stone structures

Stone structures and celestial cycles

The ancients understood that the treatment of the Sun and moon has different cycles, so they built special structures made of stones to track them. Most likely, the first was the calculated annual solar period. Ancient people found that in the course of the year the Sun rises and sets at different points on the horizon line. This annual reciprocating motion lights to the North, then South, then North again on repeated endlessly over the centuries. The most Northern and southern points of sunrise and sunset are called the solstice. In Latin, the word solstice (“solstice”) means “sun stands still”, which is what happens twice a year, summer and winter. These days the Sun seems to have stayed the more important phases of the movement of the Sun were of the equinox. The equinox (Latin for “equinox” is “equal night”) is repeated twice a year, in the period when night and day are of equal length. These periods were also determined using a separately standing stones, watching the shadows that allowed them to track the annual path of lights across the sky. Equinox occurred halfway between the solstices. Thus, ancient people observed visually dividing the year into four almost equal time slices. As a result of the nation to observe Continue reading

The origins of architecture


The origins of architecture

The construction belongs to the most ancient human activities, which means that many thousands of years ago the Foundation was laid for the future development of architecture.

The prehistoric period through the use of different material and techniques of making tools can be divided into the following main stages: stone ( of the stone age — Paleolithic new stone — Neolithic ), bronze and iron ages. However it is very difficult to clearly define their boundaries, as the development of human society has always been uneven.

Preserved remains of human settlements indicate the existence of different lifestyles of people in different areas of the globe and at different stages in the history of mankind.

Obnaruzhena dwellings of the early period of the upper Paleolithic represent probobally in terms of dwelling with one hearth. Most often it is the dugout, a large number of which were found in different regions of the CIS (left-Bank Ukraine, the Dnipro basin, districts of the Bryansk, Voronezh, Irkutsk etc). Also in the late Paleolithic period, there were more elongated and greater in size dwelling, if attached to each other oval dugouts, with multiple foci. At the end of Continue reading

The Gothic quarter in Barcelona
Gothic quarter – the oldest part of Barcelona The Gothic quarter is the true area of the Medieval and historical centre of Barcelona. Basic style perfectly coexists with the inclusions…


Gothic in France
Gothic (it. gotico - letters. Gothic, svyazannye with a Germanic tribe is ready) - an artistic style that emerged in the mid-twelfth century in France and spread in Western, Central…