Gothic novels
Subject: Gothic novels. What still advise reading from this genre? Latif profile View forum Posts Private message   In Gothic novels. What still advise reading from this genre? It's not…

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Древний Киев
Ancient Kiev According to the "Tale of bygone years", Kiev was founded by the brothers Kyi, Schek and Khoriv. The names of the brothers remained in the names of its…

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Загадочные врата Богов
The mysterious gate of the Gods found around the world Ice cave in Iceland, from which captures the spirit On the border of Peru and Bolivia on a vast high…

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Ancient India

The Vedas

H. P. Blavatsky writes about the antiquity and origin of “the Vedas” the following: “the Vedas (SKT. “Revelation”) is the sacred Scripture of the Hindus, from the root view, “know”, or “divine knowledge”. They are the most ancient and the most sacred of all Sanskrit works. “The Vedas” at first handed down orally for thousands of years and were then collected on the shores of lake Manasa-Sarovara (the lake. Manasarovar) on the other side of the Himalayas, in Tibet. When did this happen? While their religious teach-tell, for example, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, calculate their antiquity in many dozens of ages, our modern Orientalists will grant them, in their present form, the antiquity of no more than between 1000 and 2000 B. C. yet, in their final form, as they are composed by Veda-Vyasa, the Brahmans themselves unanimously attribute these changes to 3100 before the Christian era, by the time Vyasa himself lived… Their antiquity is sufficiently proved by the fact that they are written in such an ancient form of Sanskrit, so different from the present that there is no other similar work in the literature. Only the most studious of the class of Pandits may read “Vedas” in the original.

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House for Ganaraska descent

House for Ganaraska descent

Once peaked roof of this house overlooking the sea with one-storey houses of the Village, immediately caught the eye. Now overgrown crowns of acacia trees almost hide it, if you look, standing at the cliff-side Shopping street.

House for Ganaraska descent, the 19th century…

Well, we come to the conspicuous building closer. The walls, built of red brick, a stylized drawing of the masonry, the narrow window of the “antique”, the extension in the form of a tower of a medieval castle.

Sometimes you can hear that here was the Church. No, this house was originally designed for housing.

What is remarkable is this structure, in addition to a kind of architecture? Yes, the fact that at the turn of XIX and XX centuries here lived and treated people of Mariupol doctor Sergey Fedorovich hamper. His contemporary fellow doctor of the 1st city hospital Taras Fedorovich Kryvorotko spent a lot of time to restore the details of a wonderful biography of Mariupol. Now, thanks to Taras Fedorovych we know that Sergey Fedorovich was born in 1859 in our city in the family physician, who held the position of forensic medical expert, then there was the doctor and the teacher of Mariupol gymnasium and, of course, “used”, as they say in the old days, his fellow citizens from illnesses.

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The history of Ancient civilizations

Archaeologists have discovered in Turkey the gates of hell

Ancient temple found in the vicinity of the Turkish town of Pamukkale, it may be referred to in the myths of Ancient Greece entrance to the underworld. This convinced the members conducted the excavations of the Italian archaeological expedition led by Professor Francesco d ‘ Andria. As noted in the publication Discovery, the finding corresponds to the ancient descriptions of the gates of the underworld. Ancient historians also claimed that “the gates of Pluto” is located near the Phrygian city of Hierapolis in southwestern Asia Minor – exactly where is Pamukkale. “This space is filled with fog so dense that you cannot see the ground. Any creature inside dies instantly. I threw in sparrows, they had breathed her last and fell down dead”, was witnessed by the ancient Greek historian Strabo, who died in 24 BC.

Hierapolis was founded in the beginning of the second century BC the king of Pergamon-Evmina Second. “The gates of Pluto” turned it into one of the centers of ancient tourism. From all over the world came to town people who wanted to participate in the ceremonies. Pilgrims bathed in located near the temple of the sacred pool, and appealed to the priests for prophecy. According to tradition, under the influence of the fumes of the prophets fell into the sacred ecstasy, reminiscent of the behavior of the Delphic Pythia. However, the process of sacrifice were allowed only the priests. Curious Continue reading

Old buildings in the world
  So. after you log in the game you get into the castle. Castle — your castle. you will be outside of battles. Here you can build different buildings. from…


Ancient peoples
Ancient peoples Ibn Khaldun, another Arab author, wrote in the XIV century: "Know that all ancient peoples were solely due to the craft skill and the coordinated efforts of many…