Gothic, in short – it's an architectural style, replacing the Romanesque style, from the XII century. He dominated throughout Europe until the fifteenth century, and in some countries, existed in…

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Great building
The iron extracted from the ground, dead, and from it produced the weapons that cause the death of so many people. (Br. M. v 42.) Who in himself is meek…

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Beautiful skyscrapers in the world
The other day one of the oldest and most influential Newspapers in the world The Observer has published a modest overview of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world authored…

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The rating of the most mysterious places on the planet

10 place Mounds Cahokia

The settlement called Cahokia, located not far from Illinois, USA. This settlement was founded in 650 ad, and the complex architecture of buildings proves that these people stood a few steps above in its development. At the peak of prosperity, the population of the city amounted to 40 thousand people.

But the main attraction of Cookie – earthen mounds, in height reaching up to 100 feet. In addition, during the excavations was found a unique solar calendar. It is hard to believe that mankind has in this time managed to achieve such a level of development. But the main mystery of Cahokia is not the case. It is proved that the inhabitants had left the city instantly, as if afraid. But what? It remains a mystery…

9 place Newgrange

It is believed that Newgrange is the oldest and enigmatic prehistoric structure. It was built of stone, clay, wood, more than 5 thousand years BC. The building is a long corridor, as scientists believe, it was used as a place for burial. One feature is that on the shortest day of the year rays of the sun enter through a small opening, light is the Central room of the building. As what ancient so accurately calculated Continue reading

Great Colosseum


The circus Maximus (Great circus) (Circus Maximus) stretches along the South-Western slope of the Palatine. According to legend, a huge amphitheatre was built during the time of kings on the site of the abduction of the Sabine women. Flat valley between two parallel slopes of the Palatine and Aventine was originally perfect natural arena over a length of 600 and a width of 90 m almost ready with stands for 200 thousand spectators. When Caesar tribunes dressed in stone. The site of the giant Hippodrome were divided by a longitudinal wall that abigale competing chariots. Adorns the wall of the Egyptian obelisks are now in the squares of Rome, the circus Maximus was the ruins of a small section of the stands in the Southeast corner of the arena.

The circus occupied a space of more than 600 meters long and 140 meters wide, in the hollow between the hills of the Aventine and the Palatine. This place was once called the valley of Murcia. The first construction in the valley Murcia dates back to the era of Tarquinii and is connected with the system of channels allowing the soil to drain. Perhaps at this time were built a few Continue reading

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The Gothic structure
Baroque, Rococo, techno, Gothic and many other styles represented on the streets of Polish cities. Time, wars, human envy has not spared the architectural masterpieces of Warsaw (Warszawa), Gdynia (Gdynia),…


Ancient India
The Vedas H. P. Blavatsky writes about the antiquity and origin of "the Vedas" the following: "the Vedas (SKT. "Revelation") is the sacred Scripture of the Hindus, from the root…