Claviform Support THE ANCIENT MAYAN STRUCTURES According to scientists, the famous stone structures of the Maya, including many of the pyramids were older than previously thought. Such conclusion the American…

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Gothic in France
Gothic (it. gotico - letters. Gothic, svyazannye with a Germanic tribe is ready) - an artistic style that emerged in the mid-twelfth century in France and spread in Western, Central…

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Stone structures
Stone structures and celestial cycles The ancients understood that the treatment of the Sun and moon has different cycles, so they built special structures made of stones to track them.…

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Nikolaev underground

Excursions around the city to Nikolaev

I think Nikolaev grey and ordinary city? As it is not so! The history of the city keeps many legends and stories. We invite You to learn all the secrets and mysteries of our city.

Nikolaev underground

One of the most mysterious and obscure page in the history of the city of Nikolaev is the underground city. Around the city there are literally hundreds of legends about mysterious catacombs. They say that in them lay the Turkish treasures, as well as the carriage of Empress Catherine II, which is made of pure gold. Today, almost all of the entrances to the dungeons are closed forever, which causes even more interest to them. Want to learn more about the history of this place? Welcome!

Tales of the Nikolaev Peninsula

Their feat is immortal.

March 1944. In the city of dreadful battles. The German high command does not want to give the strategic point of the South of Ukraine – Nikolaev. Because such a comfortable place, the waters of the rivers, the sea, centre light transitions North-South, West-South, East-South. For the liberation of the city, the Soviet command had prepared two troopers. First of, 67, 68-m was a young nikolayevets Andrey Andreev.

Only 12 survived, the Nazis threw all their forces. Dozens of attacks, aerial bombardment, burning of fire – it all survived the landing. It is not for nothing called the landing of immortality. Continue reading



It was – one plan “encryption” consisting of things like the architecture itself, and in located details, frescoes, mosaics, bas-reliefs.

In some places – most of the information was located on the outer contour of the temples, as for example, at Cologne Cathedral.

As now this information can serve humanity and how it influenced the human minds for all time – the Master was laid in the symbolism of the architecture, stucco, frescoes, etc. information about placement on the Earth, about the relationship of “earthlings” with celestial beings.

The one who laid the information was beyond doubt, was a PSYCHIC and ANALYSESIN, looking into the distance of centuries ahead of human development. These Masters and Teachers are found not only talented artists – architects, sculptors, artists and painters, but also people who have a “true essence of reality”, i.e. those who TRULY BELIEVE and feel that they belong to the divine. Often they do Continue reading

The House Of Gamper

The House Of Gamper

This extraordinary mansion . which ends sharp Gothic roof, emerges out of the lush color of the acacia trees. The house, situated on the descent to the sea, is a local landmark and a favorite place of tourists who visit the city of Mariupol .

The walls of the building are made of red brick, and brick patterns and arched Windows beautifully decorated with the ancient building. Wonderful and quite original addition is an extension in the form of a tower of a medieval castle . On the second floor of this house in pre-war years lived a famous doctor, a former Mariupol therapist – Sergey Fedorovich hamper . Therefore, the slope that leads to his house, still called Gembarowski or Doctoral.

Originally a two-storey building was the size of eight by eight meters. In subsequent years over it was built the third floor, finished building part of a wing with spacious room inside, in which the doctor and patients. Later was built the extension with a peaked roof, which is very confusing for some visitors, suggesting that it was a cult building. Close to home Gamper several unattractive buildings with dilapidated Lodge. Although the Gothic structure adjacent to the garden and large courtyard. The courtyard that housed the pool with fabulous swans Continue reading

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