Beliefs of the ancient Greeks
Some signs of the agricultural life of the Greeks we see first of all in the image business the hassle of Polyphemus, in the household utensils of his cave. Note,…

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Beliefs of the ancient Greeks
Some signs of the agricultural life of the Greeks we see first of all in the image business the hassle of Polyphemus, in the household utensils of his cave. Note,…

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The Gothic quarter in Barcelona
Gothic quarter – the oldest part of Barcelona The Gothic quarter is the true area of the Medieval and historical centre of Barcelona. Basic style perfectly coexists with the inclusions…

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Gothic, in short – it’s an architectural style, replacing the Romanesque style, from the XII century. He dominated throughout Europe until the fifteenth century, and in some countries, existed in the XVI century.

The word Gothic has no relation to the Germanic tribe is ready. At first it was used in a pejorative sense by the leaders of the Renaissance, who compared all of the prior art with a barbaric forms. In France, the Gothic style was called the “pointed style”. Now Gothic is considered an outstanding architectural style of the middle ages.

The main features of Gothic architecture were:

the desire up, ease of architectural forms;

large height of the structure;

pointed arches; peaked roof;

large Windows with stained glass;

a large number of sculpted figures;

Romanesque style in architecture was necessary during the civil wars and represented primarily on the architecture of fortifications. Gothic became necessary during the active urban expansion. Completely new types of buildings: exchange, market, court, hospital, town hall.

Gothic, in short, gave the city a new, graceful and light appearance, but at the same time majestic.

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Загадочные врата Богов

The mysterious gate of the Gods found around the world

Ice cave in Iceland, from which captures the spirit

On the border of Peru and Bolivia on a vast high plateau called the Altiplano (or Collao) lies lake Titicaca. Largest Alpine lake in the world located at an altitude of 3 820 meters above sea level. In the I Millennium BC on its shores there was one of the brightest civilizations of Peru — Tiahuanaco, writes Paranormal.

The name Titicaca (in Quechua — the Rock of the Puma) was assigned to the lake by the Spaniards, although the Quechua Indians called it Mamacita (Mother water). The ancient Peruvians believed that the lake Titicaca Creator created all living beings, both humans and animals, so the whole region around the lake was considered sacred. According to one version of the Inca myth about their origin, the Sun God created the first Inca Manco Capac and his sister on the island of the Sun, located in the Central part of the lake.

On the Western shore of lakeside in the area called Agia Mark is a wonderful rock, named Amaru Meru . On the representations of the Indians here in ancient times was the City of the gods, although no significant archaeological sites in the vicinity were found.


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Great building

The iron extracted from the ground, dead, and from it produced the weapons that cause the death of so many people. (Br. M. v 42.)

Who in himself is meek and harmless, becomes frightening and ferocious evil from society and cruelly deprive the lives of many people; and he’d kill more of them, if soulless body, released from the bowels, they are not protected, that is, the iron coats of mail. (S. A. 370 r.) [OF SWORDS AND SPEARS WHICH BY THEMSELVES WILL NOT HARM ANYONE]

We’ll see how the stars people get the greatest speed on par with any fast animals. (C. A. 370 r) [ABOUT the STARS ON the SPURS]

Oh, how many great buildings will be destroyed because of the fire! (B. M. 42 v) [CANNON FIRE]

Released from the bowels of someone who terrifying screams will stun those standing nearby and his breath would bring death to people and destruction of cities and castles. ( With . A. 145 r.) [ABOUT GUNS COMING OUT OF THE PIT AND OUT OF SHAPE]

Large rocks of the mountains will spew a lot of fire, they will burn the brushwood and forests of many greatest and many wild and domestic animals.( Br. M. v 42.)

Gun flint, which produces a fire consuming all the heap of brushwood, why dying forests, and they will broil the meat of animals.


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Gothic architecture in France
Gothic architecture in France   In Rheims Cathedral is no less clearly seen several construction stages led by different masters. The choir, begun by Jean d Orba and finished to…


Sculpture Evstratova
Since the days of the Roman Empire preserved the most ancient European sculpture equestrian monument — a bronze equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (II century). The mighty horse is…