Great building
The iron extracted from the ground, dead, and from it produced the weapons that cause the death of so many people. (Br. M. v 42.) Who in himself is meek…

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Terra Incognita
Download: Terra Incognita. Helena Blavatsky Read the book online ...Looked at whether the person imposing ruins of Memphis or Palmyra, whether at the foot of the great pyramid at Giza,…

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Coral castle
The most mysterious places on the planet Coral castle CORAL CASTLE is a complex of huge statues and megaliths weighing 1,100 tons, built by hand, without the use of machines…

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Ancient peoples

Ancient peoples

Ibn Khaldun, another Arab author, wrote in the XIV century:

“Know that all ancient peoples were solely due to the craft skill and the coordinated efforts of many workers. Only so could have built these monuments and buildings. And therefore cannot be considered similar to the uninitiated, like< with the fact that our ancestors are stronger than us. In human beings ;>that regard differ from each other in THEIR pamiatniki buildings. Storytellers have used this story n used • it to fill his story with exaggerations. They did not understand that only thanks to the highest social organization p craft skill built these giant monuments, and intima attributed their creation powers and abilities. which, ACCORDING to them, ancient people used the power of their bodies, but it is not”

The impression is that Arabic authors knew about the pyramids Europeans. Striking the testimony of Masudi of stainless metal and flexible glass, it is plastic. Plastic became known centuries after Masudi. Turns out THIS is another evidence in Favor of civilization to the pyramids, the civilization of Atlantis, which Plato said. One of the greatest sages of antiquity were the architect Imhotep. Pharaoh Djoser (2780 2760 years before our era) made it their Supreme dignitary and was appointed head of all construction works. Besides palaces and temples, Imhotep built the tomb of Pharaoh is still alive. Apparently, he was oppressed with the thought that the future tomb of Djoser is lost sight of, is to step away from it for a few hundred steps. And then he increased the size of the tombs vertically. The embodiment of the idea was a stone stepped building height of 60 meters, built on an artificial terrace.

It took a few decades, On the banks of the Nile in the current Dosure more than one hundred meters up the pyramid of Sneferu. She already had a classical shape with smooth edges. D a little downstream of the Nile (in Giza) the architect of Hemin erected tooraclestring ‘ the pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu (the beginning of XXVII century BC), whom we know as Cheops. On the construction of a pyramid has gone over 2 300 000 stone blocks weighing from 2.5 to 30 tons.

The pyramid of Khufu and the nearby pyramid of his successor’s literature (Chephren) and menkaura (Mikerinos are considered the first of the seven Chu

like capricious beauties, couldn’t live PCI admiring glances without I. attempts to penetrate their secrets. In 642 Egypt was conquered by the Arabs. They saw the pyramids, marveled at them and told them the best compliment of those who are hungry to hear from women: “All the world fears time, time fears the pyramids”. They were bound, as we already know, the construction of the pyramids and the flood, we have outlined the line of Atlantis — Egypt

Ancient records

But even before the Arabs, the Roman historian mentioned Marcelle O. ancient records hidden by the Egyptian priests: “Is there, underground passages, winding turns and dead ends, which under built in different places by those sages who foretold the flood. In this way, they intended to preserve the memory of their secret ceremonies

Perhaps in the future will be opened in the pattern And location of the pyramids and the Sphinx that will help really find the ancient repository of knowledge.

In the second book of “the History” Herodotus lifts the veil over hemmed by the scale of events in time.

Egyptian priests spoke of 345 statues in Thebes. 345 generations of the high priests — this figure demonstrates the old history of Egypt. Herodotus says that Osiris appeared for 15 thousand years before the Year that rules in 570-527 years BC.

The statement of the priests,1 that the count is made by them ‘■— along with important records in all areas — for a period of at least 10 thousand years, can cause confusion. But in Alexandria there were more than half a million manuscripts— this fact indirectly confirms the antiquity of the Egyptian Chronicles. Too impressive figure! However, no one has been able to find any books dedicated to Atlantis. Maybe in the future it will happen. Then it will become clear the question of the development of Egyptian culture

More recently, the countdown was conducted in many countries, 5508 years before ours.era. Recent findings of archaeologists, who discovered ancient mines on the planet here in the land of Egypt, pushed the border almost immemorial time.

The maze was built on the shore of Measures Eid ova of the lake, the surround – ness which is comparable to the length of the entire coastal strip of Egypt. And this lake was also the work of human hands!

But most of all Herodotus. hit the pyramids. Describe them;in understate the “History” of seven chapters. “When the Nile inundates the country, writes Herodotus, only alone the city rise above the water, almost like Islands, in our; Aegean sea. Because the rest of the Egyptian country, except for cities that turns into the sea. Then sail on ships not on the bed of the river, and straight across the plain. So, for example, which constitutes a Memphis pass themselves of the pyramids”.

Strabo of Pontus (about 64 BC — 24 ad) —the last European to visit the pyramids before the Christian era. He, like Herodotus, was a great traveler. We have heard seventeen books of his Geography. “One of them only bigger than the other,— he writes in the “Geography” of the great pyramid.— At the top, approximately in the middle between the parties, is a stone that can be removed. If the stone to raise, the winding passage to the tomb”.

The first European descended into the depths of the pyramid, was Pliny the Elder (23-79 years BC). In the sixth book, “Natural ; history”, he casually remarks: “Inside the great pyramid has a shaft eighty cubits in depth, leading, believed to be in the river.” CRO^e, Pliny first told about the Great Sphinx: “It’s an amazing artistic creation, but, as you can see, it is surrounded by silence, because the locals worship a deity. They believe that the Sphinx was buried under king Armais, and I believe that the Sphinx brought here from afar. In fact, it is hewn from solid stone, and the face of this monster, despite his deification, red”.

Pliny — realist, he understands the futility of imaginary greatness:

“So, let’s mention at least briefly about the Egyptian pyramids, these certificates are meaningless vanity and calling the riches of local kings. And really, how many people assert, to create them were just following motives: the desire of the rulers not to leave their treasures to the heirs or enemies that dissipate, or the intention to give jobs to many people. Are monuments to the reckless arrogance of the builders, and many of them remained unfinished”

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