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Nikolaev underground

Excursions around the city to Nikolaev

I think Nikolaev grey and ordinary city? As it is not so! The history of the city keeps many legends and stories. We invite You to learn all the secrets and mysteries of our city.

Nikolaev underground

One of the most mysterious and obscure page in the history of the city of Nikolaev is the underground city. Around the city there are literally hundreds of legends about mysterious catacombs. They say that in them lay the Turkish treasures, as well as the carriage of Empress Catherine II, which is made of pure gold. Today, almost all of the entrances to the dungeons are closed forever, which causes even more interest to them. Want to learn more about the history of this place? Welcome!

Tales of the Nikolaev Peninsula

Their feat is immortal.

March 1944. In the city of dreadful battles. The German high command does not want to give the strategic point of the South of Ukraine – Nikolaev. Because such a comfortable place, the waters of the rivers, the sea, centre light transitions North-South, West-South, East-South. For the liberation of the city, the Soviet command had prepared two troopers. First of, 67, 68-m was a young nikolayevets Andrey Andreev.

Only 12 survived, the Nazis threw all their forces. Dozens of attacks, aerial bombardment, burning of fire – it all survived the landing. It is not for nothing called the landing of immortality. the Whole of the Nikolaev group (n = 68) was awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Thanks group a multinational squad, which took the brunt of the battle for the city, the Soviet command managed to liberate the city of Nikolaev faster than planned. For years, the documents recovered the paratroopers. But today, 5 of the names remain unknown.

Nikolaev Peninsula: from ancient times to the present.

Traditionally it was believed that the city of Nikolaev was built by Prince Potemkin on a bare and empty the Peninsula, but recent research scientists and ethnographers have confirmed the little known ancient history of the earth Nicholas. Trypillian culture flourished in the whole area, now open 21 settlement. Was such a settlement on our Peninsula, in Mykolaiv, the capital of our region. Found settlements of the Cimmerian people in the centre are the excavations of the city fortress, which is about 3500 years. Scythian and Greek settlements, burials of the Queens of the Amazons, the country Etelkoz, nunnery of late 12th early 13th centuries, the Cossack Parking lot, a ferry, smithy and other and other. And so – to the 21st century. This is all our city, our beloved and native Nikolaev.

People and monuments. Heroes and glory.

Historians believe that the city of Nikolaev established the largest number of monuments to its heroes. Being the center of the black sea fleet and ports of the South, with naval and outstanding civil glory, the city was a favorite of many international celebrities. Some visited Nikolaev, in their professional activities, others, knowing the honor of the black sea city, with curiosity considered and met with the city. It is conveniently located on a huge Peninsula like a lion in a jump. Our city was visited by all the kings of Russia, their children loved to visit in the city (some 5-6 times). Here have served, worked and lived all marine admirals, clergymen, literary and theatrical figures of many countries of the world. And among the Nikolaev leaders (governors, mayors) had a lot of foreigners (the French, Greeks, Germans, Scots, etc.). In the late 19th century successfully worked about 30 foreign consulates. And local genius glorify the city to the whole world. Nikolaev visited, lived there and worked celebrities: Grieg, Aivazovsky, Distance, Minkowski, Garshin, Thick, Mayakovsky, Gorky and many, many others. At the local necropolis known today graves of 31 Admiral of the fleet. Found the graves of prominent personalities of the last three centuries.

Nikolaev in the secrets and mysteries.

Nikolaev streets in the stories and legends of the time.

A young marine the city of Nikolaev was born in the late 18th century. The place selected is convenient and affordable, beautiful and promising. The project was commissioned the most famous architect of the time – Ivan Starov, to the person a special talent, that was planned and built dozens of cities of the Russian Empire. Build a military shipyard and Nikolaev on the Peninsula – it was not a simple matter. But still a brilliant plan failed: the streets are flat, not for nothing they were called the arrows. Each quarter is blown by fresh winds, but one has only to step aside for the next quarter — drafts disappear. The city grew very quickly, but the first street names were adopted only to 1830-th year.

Until the late 19th century, each street of Nikolaev told about the unusual occupations of its citizens, its purpose (blacksmith, mill, hay, fish), nice device (the Garden, Lewandowska), their directions (Odessa, Moscow, Kherson), mighty sea battles (Navarino), city boundary (Border), the peoples who inhabited quarters (German, Greek, Hebrew), the directions of the sea (a Big and a Small sea) and others. Since the late 19th century there was a street name, has created the glory to various people: heroes and poetic figures, poets, writers, historians, scientists, different areas of knowledge.

Green pearls of the city.

In the world of computers and technological discoveries we stopped to see the world that surrounds us: the sky, the sun and this beautiful world natural wonders. Down 222 years ago, our city on the Peninsula, the first builders were worried about the greenery, which would save everyone in the hot summer months of the South, refreshed daily wonderful green freshness. And to Nicholas, and here grew dense oak groves, shady alleys maintained herbaceous covers of the Peninsula. Extraordinary land with many underground streams and springs gave life to a very rare trees: Ginkgo biloba (more than 30 trees in the city), the wish tree – the Tulip, prophetic dreams – the yew, a mysterious Paulownia, hundreds of plane trees, a beautiful Sophora japonica – pharmacy and physician, and even Catalpa larch (Ukrainian Madrina). In the highest place of the city there are three old mighty oak tree: Mother-Dubica – age Nikolaev (1789г.), Dad-Oak (180 years) and Boy Dubcek, which for 150 years. Local poets and romantics have long believed that these wonder trees keep the happiness and fate of our citizens on their mighty branches.

Treasures of the Nikolaev museums.

A regular guest of Nikolaev doesn’t even know the city tens of years are stored the treasures of the city: the regional Museum of local lore (several branches: the Museum of shipbuilding and fleet, Museum of the partisan and underground movement), in the art Museum named after V. V. Vereshchagin. Indeed, despite the many wars, tragic events in the fate of the city, here and now stored very rare treasures of world history. Art – original paintings, sculptures, samples of art of many countries. In local history – all history of the Nikolaev area from ancient times: from the hairy Mamantov, objects of primitive man, ancient cultures (Tripoli, kimméria, Scythians, Greeks) and to the present day. Soon the Museum will move into a building of the early 19 century naval barracks, where he will open a Museum town. Every exhibit in the Museum has an incredibly interesting fate-biography, many of these mysterious legends, tales, unsolved history. The city now has more than 20 free public museums, among them – fire community, police, medicine, education, literary Union, zoo and many, many others.

Peace and war in the history of Nikolaev.

The city of Nikolaev is an extraordinary city. Being military shipbuilding town, large yard, many ports, he was always included in all historical events of the world and countries which belonged to this land. In to Nicholas times there were wars that took place peacetime distant of our ancestors. Each of them has left its traces. Here is swept only in the 18th century Russo-Turkish wars, the Crimean events. In the twentieth century 1-I and 2-I civil war world. But peacetime brought its heroes, deeds. Famous all over the world major specialists in the field of shipbuilding — civil and military (ships and submarines). Orders of foreign States for the manufacture of various products (juices Sandora, perfume factory Red sails, etc.). And now everyone knows Nikolaev delicious chocolates and biscuits. For many years Nikolayev was the first top five exporters of grain. Our countrymen repaired, tired time the Kremlin clock in Moscow, installed air conditioning in the mausoleum Lenin (Russia), nowadays many of the world shipyards are building powerful ships. Graduates of the Nikolaev technical University are considered the best specialists in the field of shipbuilding. Our archaeologists welcome to the largest expedition, architects famous for the projects of modern buildings, a number of sculptural works of the city of Nikolaev is admired by the best specialists of the world.


Claviform Support THE ANCIENT MAYAN STRUCTURES According to scientists, the famous stone structures of the Maya, including many of the pyramids were older than previously thought. Such conclusion the American…


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