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Beautiful skyscrapers in the world

The other day one of the oldest and most influential Newspapers in the world The Observer has published a modest overview of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world authored by architecture critic edition of Rowan Moore (Rowan Moore).

The opinion of a famous expert, set out on the pages of The Observer, in turn, was committed for particular criticism on the Internet, making extravagant TOP Moore became one of the hits of the discussions in the English-speaking segment of the Network.

Skyscrapers and what you would call the most beautiful from an architectural point of view?

The Chrysler building, new York

According to British architectural critic, in principle, the TOP could easily be from skyscrapers in Manhattan. Although it would be too easy.

In this regard, in my TOP 10 Mr. Moore chose the same one of the main symbols of new York, and part-time “simply elegant building that combines notes of elegance and fantasy” – the Chrysler building.

By the way, today the famous skyscraper, built in 1930 and recognized over time, the highest architectural expression of the age 20-ies, no longer belongs to American car company in 90% buildings acquired by the investment Fund Abu Dhabi Investment Council.

Pirelli Tower, Milan

Pirelli tower, the second tallest building in Italy (127 m), is a nothing like a conventional office building.

As noted by R. Moore, despite the fact that this skyscraper is the only one in Milan, he is in no way distracting from the overall landscape.

The feature of the tower, commissioned in 1960, is that it has no characteristic of all the skyscrapers of their time in the form of a rectangle. The beveled ends of the building so that in the future from the top of it is a stretched hexagon.

This is where the British critic, comparing the grattacielo Pirelli with gracious Italian lady, sees the true beauty of the skyscraper.

The Complex “Marina City”, Chicago

Complex of two buildings called Marina city with a height of 179 m not the biggest skyscrapers in Chicago. However, according to R. Moore, is almost the most beautiful and unusual.

The main architectural feature of the residential buildings of Marina city in their “cocurators” form, which, by the way, so familiar to residents of Minsk and guests of the capital on a complex of buildings on the street of Vera Horuzhaya in Minsk.

Among other things, affects the imagination and the functions of some parts of buildings: the first 20 floors of each tower are intended… to Park cars.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Much excitement, according to British criticism, worthy to date, the highest to date building in the world – the Khalifa tower (828 m), located in Dubai.

The main architectural feature of the skyscraper is its “slimness” and grace. Unlike other high-rise buildings, built on-site business centre of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa not only the tallest but also the most elegant.

The HSBC building, Hong Kong

Only a few buildings worldwide have been awarded with such attention to detail as the building HSBC Hong Kong office, says R. Moore. NWS is the incarnation of the personality of Hong Kong, at the same time not like a chaotic China, but not part of Europe proper.

In the HSBC building, designed by renowned architect Norman foster, all the details posted with the principles of Feng Shui. When this ancient Taoist practice is subject to not only the interior of the skyscraper.

So, it is considered that the open views of the Victoria harbour in densely built-up landscape of Hong Kong is one of the main features of the HSBC skyscraper, symbolizing health and success.

Residential complexes Highpoint One and Trellick tower, London

Like with any British Stamp, in the list of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world were two buildings located on the territory of Albion. This is despite the fact that to call them “skyscrapers” can be highly conditional.

The main feature of the residential complex Highpoint One, built in the London suburb of Hempstead, the author of the architectural column The Observer finds not the triumph of utilitarian and hedonic thoughts in the art of construction.

This building, erected in the British capital in 1935, was the first of its kind residential and designed for living, not for working.

Another “skyscraper” with a British accent is located in West London and is one of the world’s most famous symbols of “brutalism” as an architectural thought of the XX century.

By the way, especially brightly “brutalism” was manifested in the post-war architecture of the USSR. In some way the “brutal” buildings may be classified, and the project of the Palace of sports in Minsk.

Glass skyscraper, Berlin (not built)

Among the most beautiful buildings in the world a special place, according to British journalist, is an unrealized project of a glass skyscraper, which was planned to build in the business district of Berlin in 1919-1920.

According to R. Moore, “glass” skyscraper was a utopian idea for its time, when all the buildings were built in the first place, as a “concrete fortress”.

“If this building was built in Berlin, the German capital for a long time occupied the position of city leader in cutting-edge architectures”, notes R. Moore.

The CCTV skyscraper, Beijing

Another unusual shaped skyscraper under the code name “pants” is in Beijing and is the headquarters of China Central television.

One of the main features of the new Chinese skyscraper (commissioned in 2009) R. Moore calls it an unusual modern style.

In General CCTV is a circular structure of five horizontal and vertical sections forming an irregular grid on the building’s facade with an empty center.

Residential house on Kudrinskaya square, Moscow

To understand why, the British architectural critic picked his TOP it is in a residential building located in Moscow on Kudrinskaya square, and not any other Moscow high-rise, very difficult.

In the explanations of R. Moore describes his experience of seeing “Kudrinka”: “Magnificent and unlike any other buildings of the world, residential house on Kudrinskaya square in Moscow is testimony to the triumph and assurance of the correctness of Communist ideas of Joseph Stalin”.

Apparently, Mr. Moore still resides in the belief that the Soviet Union still exists…

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