The Temple Of Gigantia
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The oldest profession in the world
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It was – one plan “encryption” consisting of things like the architecture itself, and in located details, frescoes, mosaics, bas-reliefs.

In some places – most of the information was located on the outer contour of the temples, as for example, at Cologne Cathedral.

As now this information can serve humanity and how it influenced the human minds for all time – the Master was laid in the symbolism of the architecture, stucco, frescoes, etc. information about placement on the Earth, about the relationship of “earthlings” with celestial beings.

The one who laid the information was beyond doubt, was a PSYCHIC and ANALYSESIN, looking into the distance of centuries ahead of human development. These Masters and Teachers are found not only talented artists – architects, sculptors, artists and painters, but also people who have a “true essence of reality”, i.e. those who TRULY BELIEVE and feel that they belong to the divine. Often they do there were architects, sculptors, and artists. You know the names of them – Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and others.

Now mankind lives in other energies, absorbs new information. What to do with the information that was solaglas in the ancient Temples?

Firstly, it is, this information has completed its work on the “unfolding” of human minds over many centuries.

Secondly, now is the period of activation of this information on a new level. This should be associated, primarily, with a New time. The new time is not just a concept, namely, the structure of the new frequencies which have moved humanity in its development.

Encrypted elements and designs now how would “closely” in the bonds of the old energy.

The mismatch of time frequencies can completely “isolate” all the information that is inherent in these temples. The necessary activation of New temporary frequencies and energies in these temples.

Are you associated with this to the extent that you are the Adjuster of the New time.

You can by his presence and the intention to agree on a time frequency in these places.

It is your job. You can contact some of these temples on the Subtle plane, but preferably your REAL PHYSICAL presence in them.

My question is: why Natalia Kotelnikova seen on some of the towns and Places of Strength GOTHIC spires (Thin Plan).

– The most acceptable option to link the earthly plane with Fine – in the form of a pyramid-triangle, from the vertex which leaves the antenna spire.

You saw “the omen,” connection 2 worlds: the triangle on the axis, from the top of which goes another axis. Something similar was raised previously on the graves of the dead on Earth, then it (somehow!?) was abolished (the first time I saw it in the arch a few years ago).

It was a – binding antenna and pointing the way for the passing of the spirit out of the man.

What is the pyramid-triangle:

from the top, the descent of the spirit to the point “lower plan”, then – from a different point – up to a point.

“Such construction” is seen now in places where this process is in “active state”, i.e. importantly, the “active” point “lift” of the spirit again up to the Source. Ideally, active should be the “cycle”.

Why then the Orthodox churches have a different design, what is the reason?

– This is due to the fact that the representatives of Orthodoxy certainly has desired differences from Western regalia and attributes.

The fact that the spherical design is also an element of divine geometry (domes are rounded), but, I repeat – the most perfect design – in the form of a triangle-pyramid.

Pay attention to the fact that the side parts of a triangle (Gothic churches) longer than the base.

This suggests that the path, the ascent, first of all, much longer and more difficult, and therefore “cooler” than the indwelling of the Holy spirit on the earth plane is the Foundation.

Then, maybe, people are more “useful” to be in Catholic churches than in Orthodox?

For the spirit, by and large, there is no difference – where to develop. Temples are only “extra point” in the development of the spirit, the main Temple is inside of every living on Earth.

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