Megalithic construction of Göbekli Tepe
Megalithic construction of Göbekli Tepe. The oldest Enigma of humanity In South-Eastern Turkey, archaeologists discovered the world's oldest temple – megalithic structure of Göbekli Tepe. It has already been dubbed…

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The Mayan pyramids
The Mayan pyramids Mexicans believe that there are three main symbols of their country: sombreros, stunning beaches and, of course, the famous Mayan pyramids. No wonder so many years of…

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The Czech Republic and Slovakia
This is a nice Czech word is used for a friendly greeting in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and means. correct:"hi!". I am pleased to welcome you to this websitee…

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Mysteries of ancient civilizations

Mysteries of ancient civilizations: five mysterious places of the world

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In the world there are many places of deciphering which more than one generation of scientists. These mysterious places give rise to legends and of course the road to them will never become overgrown with grass. Tourists from all over the world tend to visit them to see these amazing places on the planet. Introducing a journey through the most mysterious places of the world.

The Geoglyphs Of Nazca

Huge geoglyphs on the Nazca lines in Peru represent a cultural heritage of humanity and one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

Drawings of humans, animals, whimsical lines stretch for thousands of kilometers. Common opinion about them yet. Whether it is a cult place of the ancient, or map of the sky, or a landing strip of the aliens.

The purpose of the paintings remains unknown, and scientists continue to Bang our heads.

Nuraghe Of Sardinia

Their height reaches 20 m. In the territory of Sardinia was discovered enormous Bastion, which is now a major archaeological complex.

Scientists suggest that these structures were the prototypes of the feudal castles.

Stone balls of Costa Rica

Stone balls of Costa Rica were discovered in the early XX century, but still remain a mystery. Whether it is a natural phenomenon, whether it is a matter of human hands.

Some suggest that the balls were used as landmarks for territorial boundaries. Other scholars see in them the relationship of ancient people with the cosmos. Others consider them to be attributes of cult activity.

Whatever it was, and prove or disprove these theories are not yet possible.

The goseck circle in Saxony

The German Stonehenge, known as the Goseck circle was discovered in the early 90-ies of the last century.

The citadel was the Observatory is not yet clear. However, it is known that the circle contained a mound, ditch, and Palisades, concentric circles, fencing, gates, oriented to the cardinal directions, and a platform in the center.

Sacred or practical considerations formed the basis of the “Observatory” is also unknown.

The Pyramids Of Yonaguni

The small Japanese island of Yonaguni is fraught with a huge secret. In 80-ies. the last century in its waters was found a stone-built structure with platforms of Sandstone, on which were visible the ornament.

The approximate age of the finds 10 000 years, meaning it was built during the times when people still lived in caves.

Once tried to explain the complex of Yonaguni, however, his secret was never revealed.

Ancient India
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