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The mysterious gate


The mysterious gate

In Polynesia there is a unique stone building of the XI century – the Gate of Tonga. According to the legend, at certain times of the year, passing through this gate, you can get into the habitat of the local God and also to return.

In other myths it is the place of the burning of dead chiefs, a symbol of family ties. Ufologists believe that here has not done without the aliens.

Tonga gates are in the East of the island of Tongatapu, known as the treasure of the past Polynesia, its cradle. Now it is an archaeological reserve.

This part of the island with dick and desert. For miles stretched the deserted white shores and bays. Placesa tide at the coral reefs, the rustle of palm fronds in the wind.

I can not believe that many centuries ago to those deserted places seething life. Evidence of this is scattered all over the island remains of settlements “Moi”, most of which are located in the East. The largest of these ancient settlements called Muu and is located on the shore of the lagoon.

Next to him is the plaque, dedicated to the landing on the island James cook. Apparently, the island has changed little externally since the XVIII century, when the celebrated traveler, seeing him for the first time, called Tongatapu “continuous garden.” Then cook met with local leaders and said that they know their ancestry, are the custodians of legends and traditions people.

According to these legends, the first Tongan was created from larvae Tangaloa God and became the father of the first king. Then Tangaloa exiled to earth from the heavens delinquent minor gods to help his son. It is believed that this myth became the basis of modern social structure in Tonga. So far, the archipelago is a constitutional Kingdom, on top of which is the king himself, below the layer of the nobility and then the rest of the Tongans.

The king’s revered in this island nation almost as a God, and when on the road going to his big limousine with fluttering flag, all squat, and then sit on the sidelines with crossed legs and folded hands. This is not just a beautiful custom, it is the law, the observance of which is strictly controlled by the local police.

But here the monuments of history in the Kingdom is not given due attention, and they poorly understood, including the unique heritage of the island Tarapoto. For example, the funerary complex, built of coral limestone blocks in the form of four-meter pyramids, up to 4 m is still unknown, as delivered here the building blocks. It is assumed that they were delivered on Tarapoto on huge canoes from other Islands. Because on the island there is no suitable building material.

But with the mysterious megalith – the Gate of Tonga, begins the acquaintance of any of the alien from Tongatapu. The construction consists of stone blocks stacked in the shape of the letter “P,” standing in the palm thickets. On two pillars of coral limestone with a height of about five meters is six-meter-high stone rail, fixed on the sides, hollowed out in the top of the pillars. According to approximate calculations, three massive block weigh at least 40 tons.

Scientists wonder: how 1200 years ago, it was built such a massive structure, and what is its purpose? Part of the archaeologist believes that the megalith input on past the Royal territory in the County not found any other buildings is one of the gates. Where are they conducted? It is unclear also, why completely disappeared buildings, roads, household items mysterious Palace. The only thing left is a towering nearby a large vertical slab, which allegedly served as the back of the throne Twittwe.

Scientists came to the conclusion that blocks of stone were carefully polished. On the bar are neatly carved the mark corresponding to the shortest and longest days of the year. There was an assumption that it was an ancient Observatory designed for the calculation of the days of equinox and solstice. It is likely that initially the structure served as the gate leading to the residence of the kings. And then turned into a solar Observatory.

According to another version, the building was built by the ruler of Twittwe with a view to reconciling their warring sons, and the trilithon was to symbolize the ties of kinship between them. There is another legend that the Gates of Tonga is dedicated to the Polynesian God Maui, who, according to legend, raised the archipelago from the ocean.

The mystery consists in the fact that in some parts of our planet also has a similar structure. For example, Japan is dotted with thousands of gate that marks a sacred space. Differs only in the material – Japanese gate made of wood. Near Okinawa are submerged structures – with nothing connected gates of a massive stone masonry.

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