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Sights Of Crimea


The Crimea is a large Peninsula on whose territory are located the best beach resorts of Ukraine and CIS countries. At least this is the opinion of the author of this opus, and agree with him and many other lovers of marine recreation. As I have already repeatedly noticed, Crimea is not only the South coast . but the large majority of tourists spend their summer vacation on the South shore of the Peninsula — the so-called Big Yalta . at least — in Alushta district of the Republic. And if you are going to relax on one of the many resorts of the southern Coast of Crimea — I’ll give you some practical advice.

By talking about the South coast . we mean only two districts of the Autonomous Republic, Yalta and Alushta. Here is concentrated the greatest number of resort towns and villages of the Peninsula. In addition, this area is referred to as the people of the southern coast of the Crimea. The specific character of the relaxation on the South coast is such that sometimes even hard to understand what city you’re in given time.

There are two the most efficient way to get in Big Yalta, of course, if you have no desire to visit the Republic of Z. Both lead through Simferopol . The first one is more simple. You have to drive only a few tens of kilometers South of the capital of the Peninsula and you’re in Alushta — one of the largest resorts of the South coast. But the second is much more interesting. He leads through Bakhchisarai and Sevastopol . where there is a whole lot of attractions, which we will discuss some other time.

Now offer to move to the first sights of the South coast, which I would call not only as the entrance to the territory of the Big Yalta from Sevastopol. Even before reaching the first Spa town, foros, eyes simply run up. Here, you and the Baydar gate mountain pass . known primarily open landscape, and the foros Church . located on a rocky cliff at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, and the whole natural complex of Laspi . consisting of the incredible beauty of the natural reserves, under the name of the Cape Aya . subtropical geocomplex near Cape Aiya . and cozy Bay Laspi .

A few kilometers East from foros located another fairly large and well-known among tourists resort Simeiz . It is notable for a few things at once. First, for young and experienced naturalists here has one of the most famous in the Crimea nudist beaches. Secondly, it is the largest Waterpark in the South coast, attracting tourists throughout the Big Yalta. And thirdly, Simeiz is preparing a surprise, and fans of natural wonders: Mount-Cat — really very beautiful place!

However, personally I have much more positive emotions causes Alupka . First of all, this city reminds me of the tropics. So many palm trees and other exotic plants, as in Alupka, I have not seen anywhere else in Ukraine. Apparently, it is caused by the presence in the locality is another extremely well-known sights. The Vorontsov Palace was built in the first half of the XIX century as a summer residence of the Governor of Novorossiysk Vorontsov, and gruesomely preserved to our days. And around the Palace was a Park, where today there are more than 200 species of exotic plants.

But the closer to Yalta — all the more wonderful becomes the Crimea. Following the Alupka town-the resort Mishor . This is a place I will never forget. For comfort, for beauty, for simplicity, to its former splendor and, of course, for a lot of attractions. It is from cableway Mishor should be on the main peak of the Crimean mountains AI — Petri . On Miskhor to AI-Petri offers an incredible view on the sea. 7-kilometer promenade of this city is crowned by a steep Cape of AI-Todor . where is the legendary swallow’s nest — a Gothic building from 1912, with the end of the last century changed from the status of the lock in the status of an Italian restaurant. Nevertheless, it is a magnificent structure, “hanging” above the sea on the 40-meter altitude continues to collect thousands of tourists daily.

Extremely interesting and Miskhorsky Park . the area exceeding 20 ha. Exoticism prevails over all forms of landscape art, to which we have become accustomed. Here, in Mishor attract the attention of tourists and other interesting attractions. As, for example, Yusupov Palace the Yusupovs dynasty, also equipped with a huge Park, an area of 16.5 hectares In the neighboring Gaspra, Miskhor Palace Yasnaya Polyana . and in Koreiz Palace Dulber . also not the most unimportant buildings on the map of the Crimea.

Agree, for a small area — even very good. But there is also a legend of its own. About Ali Baba and the beautiful girl Arzy . which was stolen by a thief, brought as a gift to the Turkish Sultan, and a year later jumped off a cliff into the Bosphorus along with a baby in her arms heard? If not, locals will tell you. On this occasion, even the monuments in Mishor installed: captured the scene of the abduction of I. mermaid with a child.

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