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The oldest profession in the world

The oldest profession

We all know what two professions are called “ancient”. Well, it is likely that they were the first to appear. However, there are also other jobs that were very common in ancient times. Some of them remained till our days, some of the past. However, discover all yourself. We offer you a list of the ten most ancient professions in the world.

On the tenth place in our list of the most ancient professions is bureaucratic elite. Absolutely amazing profession, which is impossible in our time. The nomenclature is a person whose job was to memorize the various events and the names at the right time to give them to his “employer”. I mean, it’s such a living cross between a calendar, a notebook, and partly Internet. The representatives of this profession had a wonderful memory and could hold it’s full of names and data. Going somewhere, a rich man always took with him a servant who not only “collected new contacts”, but also gave out information about old — name, profession, reputation and so on.

What, conveniently enough. But we must make allowances for the human factor: all can remember the only paper Yes advanced technique.

One of the oldest professions on earth is a slaver. While slavery existed, there were people who knew how and wanted to make money. To acquire new servants rich the people loved, and rebound in customers among the representatives of this profession were observed.

Slave traders often traveled together with warring armies to “pick” losers and then sell them as servants. And in those days it was possible to buy “unwanted” children, saving the family from unnecessary mouths to feed and increasing your “warehouse”. This ancient profession, no doubt, was very profitable, but also dangerous: there was always the likelihood that the alleged servant will not agree to impose the status quo and try to solve the conflict by violent means

The Barber, without a doubt, is one of the oldest professions in the world. Barely having time to get off the palm (and maybe even earlier), people began to decorate themselves according to their own notions of attractiveness. So, there were special people who made this his life’s work. For example, women have always loved “Babylon on the head to wind” (varied only architecture, but all combined era that much to make it impossible).

Hairdressers from the past, faced many problems. For example, to cut, as ordered, there was always a possibility. And to paint? Today at the disposal of the woman is whole Arsenal of different cosmetics are real pearls of the chemical industry. Any color can be “put”! And then, it was more difficult. Had to get out, to come up with different options and experiment with materials. But in case of success, an endless stream of Clients provided!

Know what is a vestal virgin? Oddly enough, all the formal features it can be considered a profession. Here are the requirements to the candidates: “a teenage girl, a virgin, a Roman, all the limbs which must be integers, not the daughter of slaves.” And responsibilities are: to work in the temple of the goddess Vesta family, in the temple of the sacred flame.

Working conditions were not too severe, but here for neglecting their duties were threatened with severe punishment. For example, if a girl does not keep track of the fire and he went out, smacked her up first blood. If you lost your virginity is buried alive. And if for some reason (e.g. slept soundly) fire came out, first flogged, and then buried. However, the responsible of the vestal virgins are revered and honored, they were the only women priests in Rome

Who does not like the dentist be considered a carrier of the oldest profession? Admit it, I’m sure many of you do not like to visit the dentist. Or we ignore the rule “every six months — on inspection”. And it is in our enlightened time, when it hurts during the treatment, almost never happens! Imagine what was going on in ancient times.

So you can well understand the people who then avoided contact with dentists. Although you should visit them more often it would not be superfluous, because the lifestyle was conducive to the emergence of caries: teeth not cleaned, ate rotten fish and drank a lot of alcohol. However, it is the same wine and was used as an analgesic. And as removed the teeth of ancient Aesculapius on this part, even speak not want: tearing with red-hot scissors, and then hastily tried to cope with the consequences.

Next on the list of the oldest professions on earth — winemaker. Humanity long ago discovered the secret of making intoxicating drinks from grapes. And of course, there were people for whom it became a way to earn a living. Many of us live in the minds of pastoral picture: a small family winery, quiet life, adjusted for several generations, always a favorite thing and a bottle of wine at hand. The same tale!

Of course, in ancient times it was not quite so rosy. And still it is necessary to consider that the ancient Romans, for example, was added to the wine lead and drank from lead cups. Then it was not known that it is harmful, but the damage to the body from this fact, of course, did not subside.

Taster — old profession with the risk of their lives. In ancient times, this profession has assumed several other responsibilities, than in our days. The duties of these people was to taste the food of the Emperor to the ruler. And on the one hand, it certainly was not bad for a taster, because the emperors ate very finely and tightly.

But there were “side effects” of the profession: rulers often tried to poison those whom they annoy, or who prevented to get to the throne. So, needless to say that the work was dangerous and often ended for the specialist is rather sad. Nevertheless, it was a rather effective way to protect yourself from attacks.

Rower is a profession which got the slaves. And I must say, the work was extremely difficult: the day people were in boats, forced to do extremely heavy physical labor. Specially appointed to them people were watching the rowers he done his work. If they thought that someone had started to be lazy, delinquent immediately received several blows with a whip. And one more thing, the rowers, as a rule, worked all his life on one ship or another. Sweet fate, frankly!

Funny and one of the oldest professions — vyshival armpits. Ancient people loved the sport and gladly they did, because they pursued physical perfection. And they knew that in the person all should be fine, including, and armpits. Who is like, if from the athlete, to put it mildly. smacks? Therefore, everyone from young to old, for whom this was relevant, was visited by such a specialist.

This man had saved his Client from unnecessary hair. Naturally, it was required that the whole procedure was the least traumatic for the one who decided to resort to it. About visibilities did not think, therefore, it remains only to sympathize with these persistent people.

Well, the last in our list of oldest professions, we have disposed of an informer. “Who owns the information — owns the world”. This wisdom the ancients knew well. And so appreciated those who may this information give. Immediately to mind, of course, come various spies, double (triple!) agents and so on. But there were more innocent incarnation of this ancient profession. For example, many informants were just spying on neighbours and denounced everything that could be of interest to the authorities. For such “services” were paid very good money, so it is natural to assume that many sought to fill the position.

Well, many ancient profession to us, the people of the XXI century, seem absurd and nonsense. Of course, no one dreams of becoming a rower or a bureaucratic elite. The world has changed and we dream about other things and other things encounter in real life. And probably for the best! Because we can choose who we will work, and have every opportunity to realize themselves in their chosen field.

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