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The Mayan pyramids

The Mayan pyramids

Mexicans believe that there are three main symbols of their country: sombreros, stunning beaches and, of course, the famous Mayan pyramids. No wonder so many years of the pyramid is so carefully guarded and protected. In the middle ages, they even hid from the Spaniards that the invaders are not demolished structures and not pilfered treasures stored inside. The original Mayan civilization and mysterious Mayan history full of unsolved mysteries. Thousands of tourists annually travel to the jungle to see the mysterious abandoned city.

From the ancient cities, though there is not much left, but, the pyramid, built later, have been preserved surprisingly well.

One of the most popular ancient cities of Chichen Itza or the city of the water Witches well preserved. It is located on the Peninsula of yuca-tan at 205 km from the city of Cancun is about 3000 hectares.

The city was founded approximately in the year 500 BC, it lasted until about 1300.

The ancient settlement was intended primarily for ceremonies of sacrifice, including human. Some scholars, moreover, believe that from the top of these amazing structures to Indian priests it is convenient to observe the Moon, the Sun and other heavenly bodies.

Is Chichen Itza one of two parts — the old and the new. The most popular buildings are, first of all, the Caracol Observatory (above the ground, 13 meters, the size of 67 to 52 meters inside design in the form of a spiral, which is raised to the ceiling), the nunnery quadrangle (a height of about 10 metres with a façade facing North), but the main attraction is the 25-metre-high pyramid (or Palace) of Kukulkan.

The structure of the pyramids:

Pyramid of Kukulkan (El Castilio) consists of 9 platforms. Around the perimeter it is surrounded by staircases. Just each side of the 91 level — amounting to 364, the number equal to the number of days in a year. Wide steep stairs divided by 18 spans, each corresponding month of the year in the Mayan calendar was just 18 months. Now the stairs are not in very good condition, and climb on them quite dangerous.

The pyramid is located geographically very well. 4 sides look strictly at the South, North, West and East. On the sides of the pyramid — 9 terraces, one for each region of the Kingdom of the dead. So Maya imagined afterlife — the place where they went after death. On the North side of the pyramid, at the base of the stairs, there are two snake head, there are two columns in the form of huge reptiles. The snake here is not in vain: the pyramid erected in honor of the deity Maya Gulkana or feathered serpent.

In the town there is another pyramid that underlies the temple of the warriors. It consists of 4 levels, and the base has a size of 40 by 40 meters. Not far from this pyramid, there is a unique natural well. Almost round, it reaches 60 meters in diameter and 20 deep. Well the Mayans revered as a sacred place. In its blue-green waters of the Mayan priests used to throw the victims to appease the gods. So he named the Well of Death.

The second most popular is the Mayan pyramid in Guatemala. Its peculiarity is that all of it painted a huge number of characters and mysterious figures. More than two hundred years it took scientists to the transcript, although the writing is still not solved. Someone sees in them a description of the historical and political events in the city, but others decode them like a bad prediction. For example, one of the kanji means: “And there shall be heaps of skulls and rivers of blood”, according to the first, we are talking about a long war, which involved the Maya, in the opinion of others is nothing but a warning of the coming Armageddon.

Palenque — an ancient Mayan city, which is also called the capital of ancient culture in here is the Pyramid of the inscriptions. This is the only Mayan pyramid, on top of which was found something like a sarcophagus, and in it — the remains of a man, apparently, of noble birth. Prior to this it was believed that the Mayan pyramid was used exclusively for sacrifices. In 1949, the restorers discovered a secret in the floor hatch through which it was possible to penetrate deep into the pyramid. At the bottom was discovered the burial chamber where the remains of people who once sacrificed, as well as a stone sarcophagus, covered in five-ton lid. Erich von d? Niken, who devoted his life to the search of traces of ancient human contact with aliens, says that the ancient Indians depicted on it no less — a man controlling a spaceship.

On the Yucatan Peninsula, the ruins of the Uxmal. The heyday of this settlement for about 600 to 100 years BC. Around 1400 he was abandoned by the inhabitants, and abandoned. Uxmal is famous for two temples-pyramids. The most famous pyramid of the Magician. The second pyramid of this city, in fact, consists of two joined together by a.


Unfortunately, the exact date of construction of the pyramids is not known. It is considered that they are approximately 3 000 years. The pyramids were built long. They all have stepped slopes. In turn the platform was erected, and gradually the pyramid grew. For example, in chichén-itzá the pyramid was built every 52 years: the Indians believed that it is through such a period of time the world is completely updated. Maybe finally this pyramid was built not by Mayans, and Toltecs — formidable conquerors, conquered the city of Chichen Itza.

Are all piles of stones, rather roughly hewn. Bonded together by a very dense solution (it’s not just because they stood for thousands of years).

With the construction of the pyramids associated with ancient legends. So, the pyramid at Uxmal, one of these stories, erected in one night by magical forces dwarf-sorcerer, then another, and appointed himself ruler of the city. This building was called Pyramid of the Magician.

That construction involved a magical dwarfs, of course, not very believable. Although the accuracy and durability of the pyramids is causing bewilderment and admiration. The ancient builders of Chichen Itza accurately verified the location of every structure in the city, reaching the special acoustic effect that was amplified even the most quiet sounds. The tour guides are standing by the pyramid of Kukulkan, like to show the astonished tourists, as the sound of clapping causes increased repeatedly echo at the top.


The pyramid is incredibly attractive to many, possibly because much of the history and culture of the Maya is absolutely not known. Each facility has its secrets. For example, the Kukulkan pyramid twice a year, at the vernal and autumnal equinox can be observed an unusual phenomenon. Thousands of people gather in anticipation of the amazing spectacle. At exactly 17 hours on the balustrades of the pyramid begins to show a pattern of sunlight. As the sun sinks below the picture becomes clearer: there is a huge snake that runs down along the stairs. The illusion lasts for 3 hours.

Superstitious people say that the deity takes the character, and scientists I admire the level of development of geodesy and astronomy of the ancient Maya. Only a civilization with highly skilled surveyors and astronomers were able to achieve such incredible accuracy to get from the game of light and shadow a unique representation in a given place at a given moment! But the Mayans lived thousands of years ago, when there was, by modern standards, primitive inventions and superficial knowledge, closely if intertwined with issues of religious. Highly advanced civilization, alien intervention or divine message? Now to unravel all the mysteries of the Maya is impossible, we can only speculate and come to the delight of every miracle, created this unique nation.

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