The origins of architecture
  The origins of architecture The construction belongs to the most ancient human activities, which means that many thousands of years ago the Foundation was laid for the future development…

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Древний Киев
Ancient Kiev According to the "Tale of bygone years", Kiev was founded by the brothers Kyi, Schek and Khoriv. The names of the brothers remained in the names of its…

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The oldest profession in the world
The oldest profession We all know what two professions are called "ancient". Well, it is likely that they were the first to appear. However, there are also other jobs that…

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Pictures of the mysterious abandoned places


We have had the opportunity to admire the ancient abandoned city of Ani. It was something incredible. I doubt that only my people abandoned the place called incredible curiosity and admiration. This is the kind of beauty that can be admired forever, such a mystery you want to unravel and solve. Of course, not many places on Earth, such as ancient as Ani, but is actually a variety of abandoned buildings and entire cities. It is difficult to understand why such incredible places abandoned, at least the hotel Refugio El Salto in Colombia. Such a magical place, such a wonderful hotel, I would definitely agree to stay in it. But say they closed it because of the many suicides. Apparently, people came to romantic suicide. Of course, now this hotel is shrouded in terrifying secrets. Yes, however, each such place full of different legends. Around the world abandoned cities, theme parks, churches, houses and so the Town people had left due to draining resources needed for survival or because of natural or other disasters. Know all about Pripyat and the reasons why this city is hard to find someone. But there are cities around the world. Let’s see what other abandoned sites we never heard of. It’s just a stunner.

Hotel Refugio El Salto in Colombia. Closed due to numerous cases of suicide.

Eighth factory shop “Dagdizel”, Makhachkala, Russia. Test station of naval armament, no longer used.

Ghost town San JI, Taiwan. The city abandoned due to the incredibly frequent accidents during its construction. People believe that the city is inhabited by evil spirits and therefore don’t live there, but do not destroy it, not to let the spirits go free.

Psychiatric clinic Sykehus Lier, Norway. In an abandoned building left all the things and equipment, and other buildings of the hospital are still working.

The Transpolar mainline, Russia. Unfinished in Soviet times napravleniya railway Chum — Salekhard — Igarka.

The District Of Varosha, Cyprus. The territory abandoned due to the Turkish invasion that divided the island.

Last house on Holland island, Maryland, USA. In 1914 the city was heavily destroyed because of the weather and was abandoned.

The underwater city of Chichen in China. The city was flooded during the construction of the HPP. It is an ancient city, which is the year 1341.

Poveglia Island, Italy. The island is surrounded by mysteries like in a typical horror movie. In the time of cholera on this island took sick, then there was a mental hospital, where patients bespokoiny ghosts, and the evil doctor experimenting on them terrible experiments.

Abandoned military hospital in the city of Beelitz, Germany. In this hospital he was treated for Hitler, now the building is abandoned and destroyed.

Hashima Island, Japan. 1810 found the coal and the island became the most populated on the planet, and in 1974, when the coal reserves ran out, people just left it.

The walled city of Kowloon, Hong Kong, China. Formerly a city ruled by the mafia and the city was completely independent from the authorities. Now the city opened the Park.

The Church Of San Juan Parangaricutiro, Mexico. In 1944 the entire village was destroyed because of the eruption of the volcano Parikutin.

Ghost town Kolmanskop, Namibia. Once in the sand of this city discovered the diamonds, but diamonds soon ended, and in the city were very difficult conditions for living, so it was abandoned.

The wreckage of the ship Airfield in the Gulf of Hombus, Australia. Former British ship was used to transport coal and munitions during World war II. Now it has turned into the mangroves.

Ancient India
The Vedas H. P. Blavatsky writes about the antiquity and origin of "the Vedas" the following: "the Vedas (SKT. "Revelation") is the sacred Scripture of the Hindus, from the root…


The Gothic structure
Baroque, Rococo, techno, Gothic and many other styles represented on the streets of Polish cities. Time, wars, human envy has not spared the architectural masterpieces of Warsaw (Warszawa), Gdynia (Gdynia),…