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Gothic novels

Subject: Gothic novels. What still advise reading from this genre?

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In Gothic novels. What still advise reading from this genre?

It’s not horror stories. It’s a genre like this– Gothic.However, these Gothic works I don’t remember– but the genre appeared in the literature during the dark ages!

Nowot things ,stylized Gothic, I found and read:

In 1-x, it’s “Jane Eyre” Charlotte Bronte– well, you haven’t read this thing?

In-2, is a Harris novel “Sleep, pale sister”.(Harris– author of the novel “Chocolate”, not Gothic. even a film like this there)the Plot is very original– the artist finds himself as a model a girl from an impoverished family ( her mother brings up only)- 19th century(?).The artist draws a pale, emaciated appearance of a teenager.He writes a very talented picture– the portrait of this girl.And not just once. She becomes his Muse. She is growing up, and he’s afraid of losing her as a model for his paintings as Nudes and marries her. He is a sadist and a torturer, a tyrant towards her. He loves her first, a painful love, is this love something strange, scary. He does not give her divorce. But when she tries to give birth to a child( if I’m not confused), he ceases to feel her attraction, but continues to hold her in your arms, treating her as property.She tries to find a way out, embarking on one adventure, but it ends tragically and the novel ends with the canons of Gothic works.– How long to describe!

In-3, it’s wonderful. I really liked the novel “the twelfth tale”. the author of such a complicated name that I may be wrong, but I think so– Satterfield.It’s how the daughter of a bookshop owner are invited to an old manor house as a Secretary to the elderly, sick and very famous writer.Long to recount, but a book that reflects “Jane Eyre”– the sinister atmosphere in the mansion, there are secrets in which the heroine begins to pry, spin the whole story,finding life in the hostess of “white spots”, thinking that he has this right– because it’s not just a Secretary– she’s more– the writer asks her to write her (the hostess)biography .There are a lot of interesting things going on, it’s not describe.

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