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Mysteries of ancient civilizations
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Megalithic construction of Göbekli Tepe

Megalithic construction of Göbekli Tepe. The oldest Enigma of humanity

In South-Eastern Turkey, archaeologists discovered the world’s oldest temple – megalithic structure of Göbekli Tepe. It has already been dubbed the “Turkish Stonehenge”. While comparing the construction of Stonehenge and Gobekli Tepe, to put it mildly, is not correct. The most ancient structures of Göbekli Tepe belong to X I Millennium BC That is, they are more than 13 thousand years! So this mysterious temple over the famous English Stonehenge… as much as eight thousand years! This discovery completely shatters all the theories about the development of ancient civilizations, which stated that people of the Neolithic era were fairly primitive nomadic lifestyle and were not capable of creating cities and buildings. And please – archaeologists have discovered an amazing city and was faced with the biggest mystery in the entire history of the study of ancient civilizations

The temple-the progenitor

Gobekli Tepe was first discovered in 1963. The inhabitant of one of villages when tillage lands turned found the stone and took it to the Museum. It was found one of the oldest settlements and the oldest Church in the world. Before its discovery the oldest building was considered a temple on the island of Malta, built in the V century BC, that is 7 thousand years ago. The temples of Egypt appeared 6 thousand years ago. Stonehenge in the UK, to see which annually attracts thousands of tourists, dates back only to 2500 BC, whereas the 1997 radiocarbon the analyses of artefacts from Göbekli Tepe has shown that this temple complex was built in the XI Millennium BC And therefore Gobekli Tepe is the oldest example of monumental architecture found on the planet!

Stone colossi

Excavations at Göbekli Tepe are German archaeologists, and they already found four oval constructions  metros the floors of polished limestone slabs. Moreover, scientists believe that near can be found a dozen such buildings. Structures are circular, enclosed three-meter stone walls, inside of which are stone pillars in the form of the letter “T”. Many of these columns are carved reliefs of animals. In addition to the bulls, foxes and cranes on the columns you can see lions, ducks, Scorpions, ants, spiders, snakes and other animals…

Scientists have not clearly and how people from the stone age have managed so thoroughly to organize the process of construction of the temple. After all, some of found here monolithic blocks weigh up to 50 tons. The researchers calculated that in order to cut down this boulder and drop it from the quarry to the place of the future sanctuary, would have required at least 500 people.

The message of the ancestors

Another mystery of Göbekli Tepe – the ancient bas-reliefs found throughout the site. In addition to images of animals in the temple was found a huge number of symbols that resemble letters and are repeated in random order.

Is more than a pattern. These geometric symbols, it seems, something more than a simple ornament. For their graphic combinations, probably, the words and phrases, – believes the head of the research team, archaeologist Klaus Schmidt of the University of Heidelberg. Obviously, the inscription contains some kind of message, understandable only to the people of that era. It seems that we are dealing with an ancient system of encoding information. Scientists avoid talking about the writing, because this blows all entrenched attitudes about the development of human culture and says only that the builders of Göbekli Tepe used complex symbolism to compose messages and transmit them to other people…

The mysterious disappearance of

Strange signs on pillars – not the only mystery that holds the prehistoric complex. So, excavations have shown that about 7,500 years before the new era of Göbekli Tepe seems to be deserted. A strange thing happened: people were covered with earth in their Grand sanctuary and left the place. So in “canned” form – Gobekli-Tepe will stand for nearly ten thousand years before coming here archaeologists.

– Somewhere in the VIII century BC the buildings of Göbekli Tepe have been buried under 500 cubic meters of soil, – said the archaeologist Klaus Schmidt, – it was not a natural disaster. The ancient inhabitants purposefully been levelled to the ground their temples. This is clearly stated during the excavations.

Schmidt also notes that we can only guess about the reasons that led to fill the sanctuary, for millennia served the people faithfully.

First indoor walls were erected that blocked out the “animal reliefs”, and later the sanctuary and disappeared under the ground. However, no one dared to settle in these hills. The göbekli Tepe was the forbidden zone. People turned away from the ancient gods, but, like many centuries ago, anger not be afraid of them stopped…

This brings to mind one of the greatest monuments of the culture of Indonesian – Borobudur temple on Java island. The construction of the temple, glorifying the Buddha, began in the late eighth century a new era. When a hundred years later to power in Java you fans of Lord Shiva, they intend to destroy the Borobudur, but ahead of them, the Buddhist temple was filled with earth. Under the layer it is well preserved and only in the mid-NINETEENTH century was rediscovered by archaeologists. May be, and the sanctuary at the Göbekli Tepe was filled in to save his father’s faith from the idolaters? In any case, it has survived in perfect for archaeologists.

The city Adam and eve

There is speculation that Gobekli Tepe is dated to an even earlier period. The study of the lower layer of the complex has not yet begun. It will allow you to determine the exact date of its occurrence. In any case, until then, until you have discovered new archaeological data, artifacts of Göbekli Tepe indicate that civilization originated here and spread throughout the world. Virtually every discovery in the settlement of Göbekli Tepe became the reason of revision of our vision of history.

A spectacular hypothesis was published in the pages of the renowned German magazine Der Spiegel, and in its denial has not yet appeared in any articles. According to this hypothesis, the first people that are considered to be Adam and eve, lived here. It is assumed that Gobekli Tepe could be a prototype of the biblical gardens of Eden, which could be located on the now sun-scorched hills of Anatolia.

Who is behind this?

Whatever the case, Göbekli Tepe is the oldest and most complex structure of our planet. At the moment it doubled the length of human history. His existence, his mystery, it pushes us to ask: how it was done, who did it. After all, it is hard to believe that was quarried these huge stones, which weighed 50 tonnes, the people who went just a few feet from the primitive state of…

“We still underestimate the stone age people. No, they were not powerless slaves of nature. They learned how to withstand its blows, to resist it. The people of this era were quite reasonable to think and find solutions to many problems besetting them. Only when man began to till the earth, he again became the slave of nature, a hostage to its climatic whims,” wrote the famous German archaeologist Harald Hauptmann.

In any case, the discovery of an ancient temple of Göbekli Tepe radically changes our understanding of human history. Perhaps soon we will understand that the most intriguing myths of humanity actually can be based on real facts.

Megalithic construction of Göbekli Tepe.

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