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Загадочные врата Богов

The mysterious gate of the Gods found around the world

Ice cave in Iceland, from which captures the spirit

On the border of Peru and Bolivia on a vast high plateau called the Altiplano (or Collao) lies lake Titicaca. Largest Alpine lake in the world located at an altitude of 3 820 meters above sea level. In the I Millennium BC on its shores there was one of the brightest civilizations of Peru — Tiahuanaco, writes Paranormal.

The name Titicaca (in Quechua — the Rock of the Puma) was assigned to the lake by the Spaniards, although the Quechua Indians called it Mamacita (Mother water). The ancient Peruvians believed that the lake Titicaca Creator created all living beings, both humans and animals, so the whole region around the lake was considered sacred. According to one version of the Inca myth about their origin, the Sun God created the first Inca Manco Capac and his sister on the island of the Sun, located in the Central part of the lake.

On the Western shore of lakeside in the area called Agia Mark is a wonderful rock, named Amaru Meru . On the representations of the Indians here in ancient times was the City of the gods, although no significant archaeological sites in the vicinity were found.


The landscape looks fantastic: narrow ridges of red granite rocks, stretching for hundreds of meters and having the most bizarre forms. In ancient times, the vertical surface of one of the rocks was aligned in such a way that it resembles the gates.

Smooth vertical wall measuring approximately 7 by 7 meters embedded in the rock. The full height on both sides there are two in-depth half a meter of the gutter, and in the Central part is a shallow trapezoidal niche with a height of 1.7 metres. On the whole, the design creates an overall impression of the gate with a small door that leads nowhere.

The gates were known to the public several decades ago. Until that time, historians did not know about the existence of the monument. Following the opening of the field studies allowed to determine that the local Indians preserved the legend of the gate, leading in the world of the gods.

According to this legend, in ancient times the great heroes went through the gate to the gods to gain immortality there. Very rarely some of them briefly returned to inspect their land. Later it was discovered another, more recent Inca legend.

According to her, in the years of Conquest the high priest of the temple of the Seven Rays named Amaru Meru (and from him came the modern name) fled from the Spanish soldiers on the shore of lake Titicaca. With him he took the Golden disk, which was the key to the ancient gate. After the ritual with the local priest Amaru Meru opened the gates and went into the “world of gods”, leaving the Golden disc deposited with the priests. By the way, in the right part of the rear wall of the niche-the door has a small rounded groove, as if intended for the CD-key.


Near the gate there were no archaeological traces — no petroglyphs, no remnants of any buildings. Thus, from an archaeological point of view, monument could not be dated. As it is impossible to determine from a scientific point of view its purpose.

But there was a researcher-enthusiast Jose Mamani, who approached the problem from a different angle. He used a set of complex instruments, recording of various kinds of electromagnetic waves. The result of the experiment were stunning. After switching on the apparatus, the gates began to attack with fireballs, the air thickened and became viscous.

Local elders, who accompanied the scientist dropped to his knees and fainted. After the experiment came to himself the elders told that open the gates let them into the abode of the ancestors — a vast ocean of fire, full of electricity and crystalline formations of blue. So, in their opinion, looked like the inhabitants of that world.AT the OTHER END of the world But back to the historical side of the question. The fact that these mysterious constructions depicting the gates, known in other parts of the world, namely in Asia. In the East of modern Turkey on the shores of lake van are the remains of the ancient capital of the Urartu Kingdom Rusahinili. The city was built by king Rusa I in the late eighth century don. C. On the territory of the monument there is a detached rock, in which a vertical wall is also carved like the gates. From Peruvian they differ a little in design and form. Read more >>

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