The history of Ancient civilizations
Archaeologists have discovered in Turkey the gates of hell Ancient temple found in the vicinity of the Turkish town of Pamukkale, it may be referred to in the myths of…

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The Gothic structure
Baroque, Rococo, techno, Gothic and many other styles represented on the streets of Polish cities. Time, wars, human envy has not spared the architectural masterpieces of Warsaw (Warszawa), Gdynia (Gdynia),…

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Ancient India
The Vedas H. P. Blavatsky writes about the antiquity and origin of "the Vedas" the following: "the Vedas (SKT. "Revelation") is the sacred Scripture of the Hindus, from the root…

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Great building

The iron extracted from the ground, dead, and from it produced the weapons that cause the death of so many people. (Br. M. v 42.)

Who in himself is meek and harmless, becomes frightening and ferocious evil from society and cruelly deprive the lives of many people; and he’d kill more of them, if soulless body, released from the bowels, they are not protected, that is, the iron coats of mail. (S. A. 370 r.) [OF SWORDS AND SPEARS WHICH BY THEMSELVES WILL NOT HARM ANYONE]

We’ll see how the stars people get the greatest speed on par with any fast animals. (C. A. 370 r) [ABOUT the STARS ON the SPURS]

Oh, how many great buildings will be destroyed because of the fire! (B. M. 42 v) [CANNON FIRE]

Released from the bowels of someone who terrifying screams will stun those standing nearby and his breath would bring death to people and destruction of cities and castles. ( With . A. 145 r.) [ABOUT GUNS COMING OUT OF THE PIT AND OUT OF SHAPE]

Large rocks of the mountains will spew a lot of fire, they will burn the brushwood and forests of many greatest and many wild and domestic animals.( Br. M. v 42.)

Gun flint, which produces a fire consuming all the heap of brushwood, why dying forests, and they will broil the meat of animals.


Will from dark and gloomy caves one who subjected all mankind great suffering, danger and death. Many of his followers he, after much suffering, give joy, but the one who is not his supporter, will die in anguish and hardships He will do countless of infidelity, it will grow and will persuade all people to murder, to robbery, to treason; he will cause suspicion among their supporters, it takes the power of the free cities, he would take the lives of many, he will set people] each other with many tricks, deceits and betrayals. Oh, monstrous beast! How it would be better for people, if you’re back in hell! For him the great forests will remain deprived of its vegetation. For him, countless animals will lose a life. (C. A. 370 r.) [ABOUT METALS]

Come out from under ground caves, someone who puts in the sweat to work for all people in the world, with great suffering, shortness of breath, then to get help from him. (C. A. 37 v.) [MONEY AND GOLD]

There was such a thing that if someone thinks of cover it will be covered by it. [ABOUT THE FALL OF THE [LIGHT] SOLAR SPHERE]

People will be the greatest honor and celebration without their knowledge. (S. A. 145 r.) [ABOUT CHURCH SERVICES, FUNERALS AND PROCESSIONS AND CANDLES AND BELLS, AND FRESH]

Mysterious structures
This  created for readers and writers - the authors of the articles. The principle is simple: authors write articles that readers get pleasure from reading them. Of course, it is…


The mysterious gate
  The mysterious gate In Polynesia there is a unique stone building of the XI century - the Gate of Tonga. According to the legend, at certain times of the…