The oldest city in the world
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The origins of architecture
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The Gothic structure
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Mysterious places of Russia


The most mysterious, the anomalous place on Earth is still considered the Bermuda triangle — hundreds of people in it disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. But Russia is known for its anomalous and very shocking places.

Molebskuyu triangle

In the Urals village of Molebka. Opposite the village, near the river Sylva, and is anomalous zone. This place is famous for the “snow” man of, UFOs and other glowing spherical objects whose behavior indicates the presence of the mind. There were also been studies showing a strong dowsing anomaly.

The Mountain Of The Dead

Be considered abnormal is a place on the server of the Urals became after the case with the Sverdlovsk tourists who went to the mountain it consists Sahel headed by Igor Dyatlov. Their was 10 people, but one of them my feet ached, and he returned to the village Vijay, where they stopped. The group, not having time to climb before dark, they camped for the night on the mountainside. In the end, under mystical circumstances, all died. Something happened during the night and scantily clad tourists, tearing open the tent, began to run away. Those who managed to escape died from the cold.

The other two had broken ribs, a hemorrhage in the brain, one of the girls was missing a language, while damage in the skin was not, their skin was red and his hair white. Faces distorted by the grimaces of horror. Since then, there has been one group of tourists consisting of 9 people.

Death valley Vilyui

In the upper reaches of the river Viluy is what some people call the entrance to hell’s dungeon, while others argue that it is frozen debris flying saucers. It’s two metal object under the ground that contains iron inside the room. In one of the sites, you can even go riding on reindeer. Sometimes from under the cover, burst fire, and where are these underground room, no one dares to find out. There is a legend that there lived a giant Wat Usumu duuri the Tong — an alien who is hiding here after the accident his plate.

Devil’s cemetery

This place is located in the Krasnoyarsk territory, the Kezhemsk district, the village of Ust-Kova. В1908 G. here fell the Tunguska meteorite. Since then, strange things happen. This place looks like bare meadow: the vegetation burned, the clearing is always covered with dead bodies of animals, and the expedition, which has stolen up to this place, barely alive — people numb the body, swollen joints, and poor eyesight.

A lot of terrible, mysterious places exist in the vastness of Russia, and will be ever solved the mystery of these places is unknown.

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