Ancient megalithic structures
  Gobekli Tepe One of the most intriguing names for the modern archaeologist of Göbekli Tepe. The name of the place in Turkey where there are excavations of the ancient…

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The Mayan pyramids
The Mayan pyramids Mexicans believe that there are three main symbols of their country: sombreros, stunning beaches and, of course, the famous Mayan pyramids. No wonder so many years of…

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Beautiful skyscrapers in the world
The other day one of the oldest and most influential Newspapers in the world The Observer has published a modest overview of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world authored…

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The rating of the most mysterious places on the planet

10 place Mounds Cahokia

The settlement called Cahokia, located not far from Illinois, USA. This settlement was founded in 650 ad, and the complex architecture of buildings proves that these people stood a few steps above in its development. At the peak of prosperity, the population of the city amounted to 40 thousand people.

But the main attraction of Cookie – earthen mounds, in height reaching up to 100 feet. In addition, during the excavations was found a unique solar calendar. It is hard to believe that mankind has in this time managed to achieve such a level of development. But the main mystery of Cahokia is not the case. It is proved that the inhabitants had left the city instantly, as if afraid. But what? It remains a mystery…

9 place Newgrange

It is believed that Newgrange is the oldest and enigmatic prehistoric structure. It was built of stone, clay, wood, more than 5 thousand years BC. The building is a long corridor, as scientists believe, it was used as a place for burial. One feature is that on the shortest day of the year rays of the sun enter through a small opening, light is the Central room of the building. As what ancient so accurately calculated design and how they can calculate the shortest day of the year, remains a mystery.

8 place underwater pyramid of Yonaguni

Yonaguni – the mysterious place of Japan, which is located off the coast of Ryuku. This place was discovered in 1987, divers, watching the shark. What they saw threw them into a state of profound astonishment, if not shock. The monument consisted of numerous rows of carved stone. In form they resembled the stage – layers, lying on top of one another. Especially interested in the Japanese scientific community is a stone formation shaped like a turtle.

So what is the secret of this unique building? Disputes about the nature of its origin do not cease to this day. Some believe that a particular form of the monument gave a strong flow of water, they cut out the base of an underwater cliff. What if the monument is man-made? There’s a lot of evidence. After all, the likelihood that such smooth edges and many angles can create streams of water and the current is too small to be true.

7 place the Nazca Lines

The number of lines and pictograms, which are located on a plateau in the Nazca desert in Peru, the territory covers about 50 miles. They were created between 2 and 7 century BC by Indians living on the plateau. Surprisingly, to this day the line has not lost the clarity of boundaries. In some places, the geoglyphs resemble bizarre plants and animals.

Many scientists scratching their heads, why and for what purpose these lines were created. There were a lot of theories and hypotheses. One of the most reasonable line could mean something in the mythology of ancient and had to deliver certain information to the gods. The absurd can be considered a theory that geoglyphs – the remains of the airfield vanished civilization.

6 place the Goseck circle

One of the most mysterious places in Germany – the so-called Goseck circle. This structure is a kind of a monument to one of the first observatories. This monument consists of a flat circle canals, surrounded by walls. It is believed that the Goseck circle was built around 6000 years BC. It is believed that at the time was widely distributed cult of the sun. And most likely, the building used for special rites and rituals. It’s possible that had taken place and casualties. During the excavations were found several skeletons, and headless.

5 place the Inca fortress Sacsayhuaman

Near the famous Machu Picchu is a unique complex of stone – Sacsayhuaman. It is a series of walls built in a zigzag form. The longest stone blocks reach up to one hundred feet long and fifteen feet high. Despite the fact that during the existence of the monument numerous earthquakes, it is in excellent condition. Surprisingly, the stone blocks fit together so tightly that even a sheet of paper couldn’t pass between them. So how do the Indians transported the stones without special devices?

4 place the Secret of Easter island

  It was – one plan "encryption" consisting of things like the architecture itself, and in located details, frescoes, mosaics, bas-reliefs. In some places – most of the information was…


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