Beautiful skyscrapers in the world

The greatest monuments
Greatest monuments. Mahjong Travel the wonders of ancient civilizations and solve puzzles of the past! Your favorite Chinese solitaire, laid out on a colorful background with an image of the…

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Mysteries of ancient civilizations
Mysteries of ancient civilizations: five mysterious places of the world Home "This is interesting" Mysteries of ancient civilizations: five mysterious places of the world In the world there are many…

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Sights Of Crimea
  The Crimea is a large Peninsula on whose territory are located the best beach resorts of Ukraine and CIS countries. At least this is the opinion of the author…

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The mysterious gate


The mysterious gate

In Polynesia there is a unique stone building of the XI century – the Gate of Tonga. According to the legend, at certain times of the year, passing through this gate, you can get into the habitat of the local God and also to return.

In other myths it is the place of the burning of dead chiefs, a symbol of family ties. Ufologists believe that here has not done without the aliens.

Tonga gates are in the East of the island of Tongatapu, known as the treasure of the past Polynesia, its cradle. Now it is an archaeological reserve.

This part of the island with dick and desert. For miles stretched the deserted white shores and bays. Placesa tide at the coral reefs, the rustle of palm fronds in the wind.

I can not believe that many centuries ago to those deserted places seething life. Evidence of this is scattered all over the island remains of settlements “Moi”, most of which are located in the East. The largest of these ancient settlements called Muu and is located on the shore of the lagoon.

Next to him is the plaque, dedicated to the landing on the island James cook. Apparently, the island has changed little externally since the XVIII century, when the celebrated traveler, seeing him for the first time, called Tongatapu “continuous garden.” Then cook met with local leaders and said that they know their ancestry, are the custodians of legends and traditions Continue reading

The history of Ancient civilizations

Archaeologists have discovered in Turkey the gates of hell

Ancient temple found in the vicinity of the Turkish town of Pamukkale, it may be referred to in the myths of Ancient Greece entrance to the underworld. This convinced the members conducted the excavations of the Italian archaeological expedition led by Professor Francesco d ‘ Andria. As noted in the publication Discovery, the finding corresponds to the ancient descriptions of the gates of the underworld. Ancient historians also claimed that “the gates of Pluto” is located near the Phrygian city of Hierapolis in southwestern Asia Minor – exactly where is Pamukkale. “This space is filled with fog so dense that you cannot see the ground. Any creature inside dies instantly. I threw in sparrows, they had breathed her last and fell down dead”, was witnessed by the ancient Greek historian Strabo, who died in 24 BC.

Hierapolis was founded in the beginning of the second century BC the king of Pergamon-Evmina Second. “The gates of Pluto” turned it into one of the centers of ancient tourism. From all over the world came to town people who wanted to participate in the ceremonies. Pilgrims bathed in located near the temple of the sacred pool, and appealed to the priests for prophecy. According to tradition, under the influence of the fumes of the prophets fell into the sacred ecstasy, reminiscent of the behavior of the Delphic Pythia. However, the process of sacrifice were allowed only the priests. Curious Continue reading

Sights Of Crimea


The Crimea is a large Peninsula on whose territory are located the best beach resorts of Ukraine and CIS countries. At least this is the opinion of the author of this opus, and agree with him and many other lovers of marine recreation. As I have already repeatedly noticed, Crimea is not only the South coast . but the large majority of tourists spend their summer vacation on the South shore of the Peninsula — the so-called Big Yalta . at least — in Alushta district of the Republic. And if you are going to relax on one of the many resorts of the southern Coast of Crimea — I’ll give you some practical advice.

By talking about the South coast . we mean only two districts of the Autonomous Republic, Yalta and Alushta. Here is concentrated the greatest number of resort towns and villages of the Peninsula. In addition, this area is referred to as the people of the southern coast of the Crimea. The specific character of the relaxation on the South coast is such that sometimes even hard to understand what city you’re in given time.

There are two the most efficient way to get in Big Yalta, of course, if you have no desire to visit the Republic of Z. Both lead through Simferopol . The first one is more simple. You have to drive only a few tens of kilometers South of the capital of the Peninsula and you’re in Alushta — one of the largest resorts of the South coast. But Continue reading

Gothic architecture in France

Gothic architecture in France


In Rheims Cathedral is no less clearly seen several construction stages led by different masters. The choir, begun by Jean d Orba and finished to 1241 Jean Le Loup, retains the simplicity and severity of large architectural masses. Prevailing in its strict spirit of greatness sharply differs from the famous Western facade of the Cathedral, from top to bottom covered with stone carvings. In the southern and Northern facades of the transepts Jean d Orba still used semicircular arches of the Romanesque and the choir in General came from the architectural composition of the early Gothic Church in Arba, built, apparently, with his direct participation, and may be, and under his leadership. Although the portals of the Western façade were started under Jean Le Loup, but the final design and its luxurious sculptural decorations they found in Gaucher of Reims, who led the construction of the Western façade in годах151 1247-1255. He deepened the portals changed their estimated Jean Le Loup, the location of the statues that crowned the entrance tympanum tracery and richly decorated, the whole lower level of the facade.

Bernard Seasonski, who continued the construction of the Western façade at approximately 1255 1290 year and concentrates on the exquisite beauty of a huge stone roses second tier, has changed the pattern Continue reading

The Land Of Osiris

The Land Of Osiris. Secrets of ancient Egyptian civilization

Arabic “Soviet” means “corner”, and the Arians is the name of the famous Coptic Christian priest. This place is also sometimes called Zawiat-El-Mu-Salim, or the Angle of Muslims. Here are preserved the remains of several structures, including what is left of the so-called cut of the pyramid (official name — the Step pyramid) belonging to the III dynasty of the old Kingdom period (about 2600 BC). There is another pyramid built, believed to be in the end of the IV dynasty.

Hakim strongly urged me that in Soviet to go is that there is something special and that he would show it to me. Even from a young age it preserved the memory of numerous pyramids and surrounding structures that literally breathe antiquity. But Hakim for many years not been there, and the village has expanded greatly during this time, absorbing most of the ruins that he wanted to show Bob and me Wouter. I think he wanted us to see a very specific place, but couldn’t find him. We traveled the length and breadth of village and spent the entire day trying to find it. For the most part, the locals were friendly enough, but we thought it best not to disturb them and invade their private property. Can Continue reading