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Megalithic construction of Göbekli Tepe
Megalithic construction of Göbekli Tepe. The oldest Enigma of humanity In South-Eastern Turkey, archaeologists discovered the world's oldest temple – megalithic structure of Göbekli Tepe. It has already been dubbed…

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The Czech Republic and Slovakia
This is a nice Czech word is used for a friendly greeting in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and means. correct:"hi!". I am pleased to welcome you to this websitee…

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Terra Incognita
Download: Terra Incognita. Helena Blavatsky Read the book online ...Looked at whether the person imposing ruins of Memphis or Palmyra, whether at the foot of the great pyramid at Giza,…

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Mysteries of ancient civilizations

Mysteries of ancient civilizations: five mysterious places of the world

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In the world there are many places of deciphering which more than one generation of scientists. These mysterious places give rise to legends and of course the road to them will never become overgrown with grass. Tourists from all over the world tend to visit them to see these amazing places on the planet. Introducing a journey through the most mysterious places of the world.

The Geoglyphs Of Nazca

Huge geoglyphs on the Nazca lines in Peru represent a cultural heritage of humanity and one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

Drawings of humans, animals, whimsical lines stretch for thousands of kilometers. Common opinion about them yet. Whether it is a cult place of the ancient, or map of the sky, or a landing strip of the aliens.

The purpose of the paintings remains unknown, and scientists continue to Bang our heads.

Nuraghe Of Sardinia

Their height reaches 20 m. In the territory of Sardinia was discovered enormous Bastion, which is now a major archaeological complex.

Scientists suggest that these structures were the prototypes of the feudal castles.

Stone balls of Costa Rica

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Underground river?

Come out from the banks of the underground river?

24 September lecture “Smart Moscow” held in the reading room of Turgenev lecture Maxim Deputatova, specialist in the history of the Moscow metro. The expert told about the underground rivers in the capital, but also about the very principle of construction of collectors and the history of such communications. We all know that the pipe size named in honor of the pipe, in which flows the river Neglinka, but did you know that a pipe was there during the reign of Catherine II? Slon leads a condensed version of the lecture.

In Moscow there are about 170 small rivers, streams. The city stands on this spot many centuries, it grows, develops, and with it changes and hydraulics. Why do people build all kinds of waterworks in the city (in the city, agriculture we do not consider)? The answer is simple: to solve the problem of wastewater – where else? Wastewater is not just sewage, and any liquid waste of human life. How did you solve the required problem old man? Yes is not solved, just poured all over the fence and calmed down. But slowly the ideas came to dig some channels, pin boards, stones. And even better – tile the top. Thus appeared the first drainage tunnels. The famous Maxim of the Roman Cloaca ( Cloaca Maxima, the Great sewer) was one of the first drainage systems in the world, it was built in the VI century BC and has survived to the present Continue reading

The Gothic structure

Baroque, Rococo, techno, Gothic and many other styles represented on the streets of Polish cities. Time, wars, human envy has not spared the architectural masterpieces of Warsaw (Warszawa), Gdynia (Gdynia), Malbork (Malbork) and many other less famous fortresses. Especially cruel to the architectural masterpieces was the Second World war. Technologies of destruction have multiplied and the Nazis were not slow to use them in the mercenary purposes: all that it was impossible to carry with him – mercilessly exploded. And only unparalleled courage and divine Providence can explain the rescuing of Krakow (Krakow).

Unprecedented scale has reached the restoration work. Over the years, literally brick by brick restored Royal castle (Zamek Krolewski w Warszawie), Royal łazienki (Lazenkovsky Palace) the Palace, Ujazdowski castle (Zamek Ujazdowski), the castle complex (Zamek Krolewski w Leczycy). Absolutely can not believe that the historic centre of Warsaw built-up buildings not older than 50 years. Now it’s not only the monuments of culture is testimony to the great love of the poles of their heritage.

First, extant, objects belong to the Romanesque style. Harsh churches, high trehspalnye the aisle, no decorations. An example is the Cistercian Cathedral in Oliva, located in close proximity of Gdansk (Gdansk) in the 13th century.

In contrast to the minimalist forms of the early middle ages, architects century 21 Continue reading

Ancient India

The Vedas

H. P. Blavatsky writes about the antiquity and origin of “the Vedas” the following: “the Vedas (SKT. “Revelation”) is the sacred Scripture of the Hindus, from the root view, “know”, or “divine knowledge”. They are the most ancient and the most sacred of all Sanskrit works. “The Vedas” at first handed down orally for thousands of years and were then collected on the shores of lake Manasa-Sarovara (the lake. Manasarovar) on the other side of the Himalayas, in Tibet. When did this happen? While their religious teach-tell, for example, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, calculate their antiquity in many dozens of ages, our modern Orientalists will grant them, in their present form, the antiquity of no more than between 1000 and 2000 B. C. yet, in their final form, as they are composed by Veda-Vyasa, the Brahmans themselves unanimously attribute these changes to 3100 before the Christian era, by the time Vyasa himself lived… Their antiquity is sufficiently proved by the fact that they are written in such an ancient form of Sanskrit, so different from the present that there is no other similar work in the literature. Only the most studious of the class of Pandits may read “Vedas” in the original.

“Vedas” were finally processed and compiled fourteen centuries before our era; but their antiquity is irrelevant… When we examine these hymns. they are of profound interest Continue reading

House for Ganaraska descent

House for Ganaraska descent

Once peaked roof of this house overlooking the sea with one-storey houses of the Village, immediately caught the eye. Now overgrown crowns of acacia trees almost hide it, if you look, standing at the cliff-side Shopping street.

House for Ganaraska descent, the 19th century…

Well, we come to the conspicuous building closer. The walls, built of red brick, a stylized drawing of the masonry, the narrow window of the “antique”, the extension in the form of a tower of a medieval castle.

Sometimes you can hear that here was the Church. No, this house was originally designed for housing.

What is remarkable is this structure, in addition to a kind of architecture? Yes, the fact that at the turn of XIX and XX centuries here lived and treated people of Mariupol doctor Sergey Fedorovich hamper. His contemporary fellow doctor of the 1st city hospital Taras Fedorovich Kryvorotko spent a lot of time to restore the details of a wonderful biography of Mariupol. Now, thanks to Taras Fedorovych we know that Sergey Fedorovich was born in 1859 in our city in the family physician, who held the position of forensic medical expert, then there was the doctor and the teacher of Mariupol gymnasium and, of course, “used”, as they say in the old days, his fellow citizens from illnesses.

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