Beautiful skyscrapers in the world

The Land Of Osiris
The Land Of Osiris. Secrets of ancient Egyptian civilization Arabic "Soviet" means "corner", and the Arians is the name of the famous Coptic Christian priest. This place is also sometimes…

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The Mayan pyramids
The Mayan pyramids Mexicans believe that there are three main symbols of their country: sombreros, stunning beaches and, of course, the famous Mayan pyramids. No wonder so many years of…

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Gothic novels
Subject: Gothic novels. What still advise reading from this genre? Latif profile View forum Posts Private message   In Gothic novels. What still advise reading from this genre? It's not…

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Ancient peoples

Ancient peoples

Ibn Khaldun, another Arab author, wrote in the XIV century:

“Know that all ancient peoples were solely due to the craft skill and the coordinated efforts of many workers. Only so could have built these monuments and buildings. And therefore cannot be considered similar to the uninitiated, like< with the fact that our ancestors are stronger than us. In human beings ;>that regard differ from each other in THEIR pamiatniki buildings. Storytellers have used this story n used • it to fill his story with exaggerations. They did not understand that only thanks to the highest social organization p craft skill built these giant monuments, and intima attributed their creation powers and abilities. which, ACCORDING to them, ancient people used the power of their bodies, but it is not”

The impression is that Arabic authors knew about the pyramids Europeans. Striking the testimony of Masudi of stainless metal and flexible glass, it is plastic. Plastic became known centuries after Masudi. Turns out THIS is another evidence in Favor of civilization to the pyramids, the civilization of Atlantis, which Plato said. One of the greatest sages of antiquity were the architect Imhotep. Pharaoh Continue reading

Nikolaev underground

Excursions around the city to Nikolaev

I think Nikolaev grey and ordinary city? As it is not so! The history of the city keeps many legends and stories. We invite You to learn all the secrets and mysteries of our city.

Nikolaev underground

One of the most mysterious and obscure page in the history of the city of Nikolaev is the underground city. Around the city there are literally hundreds of legends about mysterious catacombs. They say that in them lay the Turkish treasures, as well as the carriage of Empress Catherine II, which is made of pure gold. Today, almost all of the entrances to the dungeons are closed forever, which causes even more interest to them. Want to learn more about the history of this place? Welcome!

Tales of the Nikolaev Peninsula

Their feat is immortal.

March 1944. In the city of dreadful battles. The German high command does not want to give the strategic point of the South of Ukraine – Nikolaev. Because such a comfortable place, the waters of the rivers, the sea, centre light transitions North-South, West-South, East-South. For the liberation of the city, the Soviet command had prepared two troopers. First of, 67, 68-m was a young nikolayevets Andrey Andreev.

Only 12 survived, the Nazis threw all their forces. Dozens of attacks, aerial bombardment, burning of fire – it all survived the landing. It is not for nothing called the landing of immortality. Continue reading

Beliefs of the ancient Greeks

Some signs of the agricultural life of the Greeks we see first of all in the image business the hassle of Polyphemus, in the household utensils of his cave. Note, incidentally, that at first this cave amazes ahead only by its size: “the extensive cave”, and then this epithet is replaced by other, expressively convey the feelings the unwitting captives, their attitude to the place of his imprisonment: “scary cave”, “cave slime”, “dark cave”.

In the cave of Polyphemus “was a lot of cheese in reed baskets, buckets and bowls were filled to the brim with thick yogurt”, “corners hidden in a separate locked were goats, and sheep. “. We find out how prepared the cheese: “Half tide milk in pletenica, he left it to agustela to the cheese”, etc. In the parsed fragment of the Odyssey, Readers will find the reflection and beliefs of the ancient Greeks. Upon arriving at the island of the Cyclops, Odysseus and his companions perform the sacrifice (most likely a libation of wine) to Zeus, the protector of strangers; its appearance on the island Odysseus explains the will of the gods: “So it was, of course, want mighty Zeus. “. He is convinced that the violation of the laws of hospitality, revenge. strictly heavenly Crown”. Even Cyclops, “not knowing the truth” Polyphemus, does not deny the power of the “thunder of Zeus”, but he is not afraid of the “immortal gods” Continue reading

Architecture of Ancient Egypt

Architecture of Ancient Egypt

The main vegetation for the construction of a palm tree, giving a tree of poor quality, and cane. So the main building material was stone.

Stone architecture of Ancient Egypt primarily served the needs of religion. Palaces, houses were built of light materials and short-lived. Stone was only erected temples of the gods and complexes of tombs, and they were built for ages. Naturally, these stone structures have survived, withstood the test of time. In Egypt begins the history of architecture. Still a great many tourists come to see the Egyptian pyramids. Not for nothing that they called one of the seven wonders of the world. Secrets of the Egyptian pyramids excite the imagination. Scientists still discover new amazing properties of pyramids .

For those beyond the present comprehension of long millennia of Ancient Egyptian history it is impossible to establish an accurate archaeological date can not be established, therefore, in the present state of our knowledge of the monuments of Egypt have to classify in the order of their contemporary dynasties. A basic understanding of ancient Egyptian architecture is based on the study structures the best preserved religious monuments.

The architecture of Ancient Egypt is usually divided into 5 periods:

Century gave way to centuries. Each new period brought Continue reading

Beautiful skyscrapers in the world

The other day one of the oldest and most influential Newspapers in the world The Observer has published a modest overview of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world authored by architecture critic edition of Rowan Moore (Rowan Moore).

The opinion of a famous expert, set out on the pages of The Observer, in turn, was committed for particular criticism on the Internet, making extravagant TOP Moore became one of the hits of the discussions in the English-speaking segment of the Network.

Skyscrapers and what you would call the most beautiful from an architectural point of view?

The Chrysler building, new York

According to British architectural critic, in principle, the TOP could easily be from skyscrapers in Manhattan. Although it would be too easy.

In this regard, in my TOP 10 Mr. Moore chose the same one of the main symbols of new York, and part-time “simply elegant building that combines notes of elegance and fantasy” – the Chrysler building.

By the way, today the famous skyscraper, built in 1930 and recognized over time, the highest architectural expression of the age 20-ies, no longer belongs to Continue reading

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